A 4-Day Miniature House Tour with Mr. Hamster

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Life in the cage could be boring. Our Mr. Hamster has decided to go on a short trip to Robotime DIY miniature house world! Where did he visit? Let's follow his steps and find it out! Welcome to the mini world where it's just the perfect size for Mr. Hamster!

Day 1 in Carl's Fruit Shop

Woo-Hoo! Hi humans! I've arrived here and just found a perfect place to eat! It's Carl's Fruit shop. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables here like cabbage, carrot, and broccoli! OH MY GOD! Am I in heaven?? My owner used to feed me corn and other boring beans, and now, who needs those things anymore? No time to chat guys, cause I'm going to enjoy a great meal now!

@robotimeonline_official There'a wird guy who keep saying that corn is a fruit ,what do you think?!Is that ture?

Day 2 in Simon's Coffee Shop

Morning humans! Today I'm visiting Simon's coffee shop in the town. I smelled the yummy cocoa bean from the store before I go in there. I know the smell so well because my owner used to drink this kind of drink every single day in her life since we met. It actually smells good to me! Maybe I would like to try a cup of ehhh...caramel latte...It's that what it's called? I have no idea why I picked this. Maybe because it has a special discount today. Okay, guys, I'm ready to order. But wait, where's Simon??

@robotimeonline_official Going to Simon's Coffee today .Why Simon isn't here?!

Day 3 in Cat House

Guys, you are not gonna believe this! I just went into a cat house by accident... Is it real? I got to say I'm a bit jealous right now because it's so fancy! This house is more like a cat villa where it has a beautiful bedroom, play zone, a slide, and a yard! It's my dream house!! Well, I'm going to ask my own for one like this when I'm back home. Oh, I don't even need to 'ask', all I need is to act cute and she will agree! Haha! HAMSTER RULES!!

@robotimeonline_official When Me.hamster take over the cat's house😆

Day 4 in Jason's Kitchen

Hey guys! It's the last day of the trip. The weather is lovely, isn't it? Today is kinda special, as I'm going to make lunch for myself and also show you guys my cooking skills. I borrowed this kitchen from Jason, who's a kind-hearted resident I met yesterday. Wow, he has prepared so many fresh ingredients and tools for me. Thank you, Jason! Okay guys, wish me luck!


@robotimeonline_official Day4.Mr.hamster going to Jason's Kitchen for a snack😆

And that is the end of the trip! Hope you like it. If you like to discover more amazing Robotime DIY miniature houses and more interesting stories behind them, click here & follow our TikTok Official account!