Nothing Cooler Than Assembling An M870 with ROKR Terminator M870 Gun Toy LQ501

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Remington Arsenal successfully developed M870 Shotgun in the early 1950s. It is the American shotgun with the largest number of manufacturers and the broadest range of applications.

For its compact structure, reliable performance, and reasonable price, people soon loved it. As we all know, since the early 1950s, it has been special equipment for the U.S. military and police, and the U.S. border guard especially loves this gun.

This Remington M870 shotgun is also often seen in primary film clips. Based on this, ROKR developed an equivalently scaled-down M870 shotgun 3D wooden puzzle named ROKR Terminator M870 Gun Toy LQ501. Don't you want such a cool 3D wooden puzzle toy?

Tips: ROKR Terminator M870 Gun Toy is just a safe and simple wooden puzzle toy, we use rubber bands as its "bullet" instead, so it will not cause harm to people's health.

First let's watch a video about it


1. Appearance

LQ501 reproduces the classic M870 shotgun in proportion with the length of 435mm. The shape and internal mechanical structure are highly restored, but its weight is only 210g, which is easy to hold. Besides, every detail is reproduced in equal proportion.

2. Using feeling.

The gun body is designed with a single hand-held short handle. It will have a real bolt-pulling feel after being used. It can load two rounds of ammunition at one time, with an effective range of 8m.

3. Careful details.

The loading spring gives an actual loading feeling. Thickened bearings are used to take in large-capacity ammunition.

4." Bullets" and targets Included.

It contains 100 flexible rubber bands with sufficient ammunition. As long as you load the rubber band, pull the slider, and pull the trigger, the wooden targets will fall.

5. Easy assembly.

It has only 170 parts. It is a three-star assembled 3D Wooden Puzzle, which belongs to a low-difficulty assembled toy. The estimated completion time is 1.5h, which is also very suitable for assembly for many children.

Why do you like LQ501?

  1. It is a miniature of the masterpiece handed down by the famous weapon company Remington Arsenal, which has perfect memorial and collection significance. Log-colored wood chips can let you give full play to your artistic talent and produce your m870.
  2. It is not only a model. Loading the bullet and pulling the slider can also carry out accurate shooting, with an effective range of 8m.
  3. Enough safety. The bullets are made of flexible rubber bands. They are made of excellent materials, and 100 bullets are prepared for you. They are full of ammunition, which is suitable for family interaction, and multi-person combat with great fun and safety.

I believe that any boy has no resistance to it. As a 3D Wooden Puzzle, it can meet the needs of both manual and firearms enthusiasts. Protect childlike innocence, and let every child and adult reproduce their heroic moments!

Assemble a toy "gun" by yourself. Is there anything cooler than this?