From Robotime to ROKR And Rolife: A Journey of Robotime Growth

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Robotime is a fashion culture creative company born out of a dedicated pursuit of high-quality and innovative design. Initially focused on wooden assembly models, our brand quickly expanded, encompassing 3D assembly models, DIY craft kits, pet products, and children's wooden toys, among other areas.

However, this success was not achieved overnight. The success of Robotime is not incidental but a result of continuous growth and evolution. The introduction of new brands like ROKR and Rolife signifies our commitment to innovation and diversification. In this blog, we will share with you the developmental journey of Robotime, focusing on how the launch of brands such as ROKR and Rolife has further expanded our influence and consolidated our leading position in the DIY craft and wooden mechanical model industry.

Robotime is headquartered in Jiangsu, China.

The Emergence and Evolution of Robotime

Establishment of Robotime

Before the establishment of Robotime, Andy, a graduate in mechanical engineering and the founder of Robotime, harbored a passion for robots and dreamed of creating his unique robotic creations. He co-founded a workshop with like-minded friends called "Noah Robotics Lab."

For more information on Robotime's history, visit About Robotime.

By chance, they applied the essence of mechanical engineering to creating wooden models. The world's first DIY electric mechanical dinosaur, capable of walking, biting, and making sounds, was born in this process. The success of this model not only gained attention for the seminar, but also secured initial venture capital. This opportunity allowed Robotime to be officially established and start our innovation journey.

Robotime’s first wooden model

Introduction of New Brands: ROKR and Rolife

Following the establishment of Robotime, our focus remained on the field of wooden assembly models. As brand awareness grew, founder Andy and his partners launched new brands for more refined brand development.

In 2017, Robotime introduced the new brands ROKR and Rolife. Each brand has unique characteristics and is dedicated to meeting the needs of different customer groups.

ROKR focuses on wooden assembly mechanical models, adhering to the principle of "creativity first." It blends elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to create precise structures and unique shapes of mechanically driven 3D building kits and models.

On the other hand, Rolife focuses on the DIY craft field, manufacturing magical miniature worlds for people. Rolife takes DIY as a lifestyle, encouraging everyone to rediscover the hidden inner child, explore themselves, and ignite incredible imagination.

The introduction of this series of brands signifies Robotime's diversified development in different fields, catering to a wide range of consumer interests and demands.

Transition from Robotime to ROKR and Rolife: The Reasons and Effects

The decision to launch a new brand stems from the progressive diversification of our product line. Starting from wooden mechanical puzzles, we expanded into areas such as DIY crafts. Different products cater to different audiences. In order to better meet and serve various niche markets, Robotime made the strategic decision to launch new brands.

The introduction of ROKR and Rolife profoundly impacted Robotime's growth and success. By creating new brands based on product categories, each brand can position and serve a specific target audience more clearly. This strategy enables the team to develop and promote products more effectively, further promoting the independent development of each brand. This strategic adjustment not only allows the company to explore new markets and reach a wider audience, but also provides better opportunities for the overall development of the Robotime team.

A Comparative Look at Robotime, ROKR and Rolife

At times, people may get confused: "Are Rolife and Robotime the same?" To clear this up, let's do some explanation.

In fact, Rolife and ROKR are sub-brands of Robotime and belong to the Robotime group, but each has its own characteristics and target market.

ROKR focuses on mechanical models, attracting those fascinated by engineering and intricate details. These model kits integrate STEAM elements, providing enthusiasts with a challenging and beneficial assembly experience.

In contrast, Rolife takes a different approach by creating a miniature world that inspires imagination through various beautiful fantasies and stories. The brand name "Rolife" is composed of "RO" and "life," where "RO" in Chinese means "if," and "life" refers to "life," together forming the meaning of "if life." Rolife encourages people to rediscover their inner child, explore themselves, and convey individual life emotions through its unique attitude toward life.

These two brands within the Robotime family each have distinctive features. However, a commonality lies in the presence of a group of enthusiasts and explorers within this larger family, who are always passionate and innovative, adding joy to life through innovative ideas.

The Impact of Robotime's Growth on the Industry

Robotime's growth and expansion have undeniably significantly impacted the DIY model kit field. Launching new brands, ROKR and Rolife has broadened the company's reach and set a higher standard for innovation and creativity in 3D wooden puzzles & DIY craft kits.

Firstly, Robotime's growth has ignited inspiration and competition among other companies in the DIY model kit sector. The success of ROKR and Rolife has demonstrated a robust demand for unique and engaging model kits, prompting competitors to enhance their designs and offerings.

Moreover, Robotime's expansion has enriched options for enthusiasts and hobbyists. The introduction of ROKR and Rolife means individuals with diverse interests now have a broader selection of model kits, catering to a range of preferences, whether one is intrigued by mechanical models or aspires to create miniature worlds.

Beyond that, Robotime's growth has played a pivotal role in introducing more people to the joy of crafting and creativity. Through high-quality and interactive model kits, Robotime has inspired individuals of all ages to explore their artistic abilities, fostering a resurgence of interest in DIY projects and hobbies. This, in turn, has created a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment among enthusiasts.

Overall, Robotime's growth elevates the company and transforms the DIY model kit industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Robotime continues to set a benchmark for excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of DIY model kits.

Future Prospects: Where Robotime is Heading?

We are full of great expectations for the future. One key developmental trajectory is further expanding into the international market. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we anticipate winning the love of a broader global enthusiast community. By establishing partnerships and sales networks in different countries, Robotime can introduce its high-quality model kits to the world, spreading joy and creativity.

Another key is continuous innovation. We are committed to constantly researching ways to enhance product quality and consistently expanding our team and product lines to create more novel and captivating designs.

In conclusion, Robotime will continue exploring life's charm, bringing people joy and creativity worldwide.