A Trip to An Indoor Amusement Park! The 3rd Station - Tilt-A-Whirl EA04

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People love amusement parks because there are so many amusement facilities. You can always find suitable facilities for yourself, no matter they are exciting or interesting. Therefore, ROKR's Magic Amusement Park series has been working for this. We hope to create more facility puzzles for players, so we are pleased to announce to you that the third stop of indoor amusement park has been released! It's called TIlt-A-Whirl. Are you ready to sit on the rotating tea cup and experience the excitement?

TIlt-A-Whirl of ROKR is the 3rd product in the Magic Amusement Park series. Its creativity inspiration comes from the rotating tea cup in the real amusement park. At the same time, the designer also added more features to it - the curtain of the Gypsy Circus, which traveled around Europe in the 18th century, was selected as the exterior decoration, so that the 3D wooden puzzle of the old rotating teacup was born.

More Details about Tilt-A-Whirl EA04

ROKR amusement park new facility - Tilt-A-Whirl EA04

The overall shape of this TIlt-A-Whirl wooden 3D puzzle kit resembles a gorgeous stage, with two red and blue color curtains wrapping it. Behind the classical atmosphere of the half-rotating staircase, the tall rotating chassis stands at an angle.

Once completed, after the power is turned on, the huge chassis then rotates, and the five teacups on the chassis also rotate regularly between the gorgeous running lights.

With the music "Wind and Moon" playing slowly, this whole DIY music box kit just like a vibrant stage play. Challenge yourself by assembling all the pieces together and build this Tilt-A-Whirl music box wooden puzzle kit with your own hands!

Some details you can't ignore

Nine 3D paintings of facilities around the base

If it is just a simple curtain, then the TIlt-A-Whirl will no longer have characteristics. So the designer came up with the idea to pay tribute to this amazing invention by adding nine 3D paintings of facilities around the base. With the water lights on, they appear more vivid.

Double rotation mechanism

Two DC motors are built into the base to drive the large stage and five small teacups respectively. As the big stage spins, the five small teacups spin separately.

Assembled & Play

As a 3D wooden puzzle, the designers of ROKR are always innovating and challenging difficulties. They always have ideas and implement them on these 3D wooden puzzles. Compared to previous wooden puzzles, you'll find Tilt-A-Whirl EA04 has colours, lights, materials, different play styles, and more.

At the same time, Tilt-A-Whirl EA04 is marked as "Difficult"(Here's a guideline that can tell you more about challenging 3D puzzles: Top 7 the Most Difficult 3D Wooden Puzzles of Rokr in 2022), which is recommended for assembling by adults. In order to ensure its normal operation, you need to ensure that the six transmission shafts inside the base are connected rightly with the tea cup and the large stage, as well as the batteries and lights. This process is very challenging. Please be as careful as possible when assembling.

Here is a vlog about it.

To be an engineer to build up your indoor amusement park

Geek lovers, are you ready to build your indoor amusement park? Now ROKR has released three facilities of the Magic Amusement Park series. Although you don't have enough facilities as an amusement park engineer, don't worry, and it's only temporary! In the future, you will have more amusement park facilities from ROKR.

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