Introducing The New ROKR Magic Cello Music Box Puzzle

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There is a new wooden DIY craft kit that collectors can add to their displays. The ROKR Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle brings together two popular themes with the stylized romantic cello design and the impressive working music box within.


Another Beautiful Wooden Instrument From The ROKR Collection

Instrument-themed wooden 3D puzzle kits are highly sought after because they are so emotive. Whether you are a music major that plays a classical instrument in an ensemble or just loves to go to the symphony, the shapes of these miniature models are highly evocative. The cello is no different. There is a distinctive sound to the instrument that people fall in love with. The beautiful curves also make it aesthetically pleasing as a display item.

This cello model takes those classic features further with some detailed work in the body of the instrument and the setting. The scrollwork and keys on the neck are very tactile and there is great attention to detail in the cut-out design of the body. This holds a series of delicate cogs and wheels essential for the cello's secondary function.

The piece rests gently against a stack of books, which themselves set on an ornately carved edition of a story about the "father of the cello", Pablo Casals. The consideration here is impressive for what is essentially a display stand. There are individual wooden pages set into the darker "leather" cover. The pages are inscribed with dark "ink" and make you want to read on. With so many small pieces in such an intricate design, this is sure to be a challenge for even the more avid model builder. But, it is worth the time and effort for the additional musical feature.


The ROKR Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle Plays Wonderfully With Clever Mechanisms

All those carefully-cut wheels and cogs within the body of the cello are essential for the working music box. This includes a larger floral wheel at the top designed to add a more romantic feel to the model. This flower is a darker tone and matches the deep brown bow that sits across the cello. The different stains help to pick out key features for added visual interest.

What is clever about that thin little bow is that it sets the music box puzzle in motion. Wind the bow on its axis into position and watch it wind back like the hands of a clock. During this mesmerizing performance, the music provides a calming backdrop and showcases the beauty of the instrument.


Add This Cello Music Box Puzzle To Your Collection

As you can see, this DIY craft kit ticks a lot of boxes for collectors. Those that love to build working music boxes will adore the mechanisms and work that have gone into this piece. It will sit perfectly beside others, like the fairground rides, and impress guests. Then some build different 3D wooden puzzle instruments, like stylish the piano and the drum kit. The style and craftsmanship here mean this will fit into that little orchestra well. Either way, you are sure to enjoy this model.