Rolife Time Studio | Want to return to being 18? Maybe you can try this photo studio!

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In 1990, the school between classes was very lively, and the bustling students played in the corridor. In the classroom of Grade 4, Class 3, the bored Teddy was lying on the table playing with a model racing car, imagining that he would ride the track in a racing car. With a “boom”, the model flew into Angel's drawer diagonally opposite. When Teddy went to get his model racing car, he found a ballet music box in Angel's drawer, and couldn't help but imagine Angel dancing in a tutu.

Although Teddy and Angel are in the same class, they don't have the chance to play together on weekdays. Angel, who dreamed of being a ballerina, used to use her spare time to practice dancing. Teddy was full of curiosity about this girl who was absent every time between classes and activities, and couldn't help but take a second look. Angel also noticed early in the morning that the boy at the slanted back table was always playing with a model of a racing car. Every time Angel came back from dancing practice, he would see only Teddy lying on his stomach playing with a model in the empty classroom.

After school that day, Teddy and Angel left school as usual. The difference from the past is that today both of them have their own thoughts. Angel is in a beautiful mood, wearing the new tutu her mother gave her, ready to go to a nearby photo studio to take pictures. On the road, she was humming a little tune and riding a bicycle. She was extraordinarily cheerful, and she stood up straight, just like a little princess.          >>>TD01-TD05

Teddy was in a bad mood. He was going to leave this familiar city and move to a different place with his parents. With a frown, he absently rode his bicycle and went to a photo studio a few blocks away from his home to take photos of the IDs he needed to transfer to another school.

When Angel was about to enter the photo studio, he saw Teddy, who was pushing a bicycle in frustration, “Isn't he the guy in our class who likes to play with car models?” Angel stopped, smiled, and looked at Teddy silently. When Teddy parked, he found Angel with a sweet smile at the door, “I didn't expect to meet her here.” He was so shy that he didn't know what to say, and finally the two walked into the photo studio together.

The next day, Teddy followed his parents to a different place. Angel, who came back from dance practice, never saw the boy again. Later, he learned from his classmates that Teddy had transferred to another school. Angel was a little lost, but the busy dance training life gradually forgot Teddy. After transfer, Teddy participated in various racing training and worked hard for his dream of being a professional racing driver.      >>>TD01-TD05

Years later, Angel realized her dream and became an eye-catching ballet dancer, blooming her grace on stage. After her success, she traveled all over the world to perform. After finally taking a vacation, she returned home, brought her tutu, and was ready to go to the nearby photo studio to take a photo and relive her childhood memories.

At this time, Teddy has also become a professional racing driver, and he is featured in numerous international racing award ceremonies. In the resting stage, he suddenly wanted to return to the city he once lived in. He took his childhood memories and strolled along the familiar and unfamiliar streets.

More than 20 years have passed, the road I walk on has been renovated, and the shops along the road have changed. I came to the photo studio unknowingly, and I felt very familiar. “I didn't expect this photo studio to still exist.” Slowly, When I approached the window, I found a girl in a tutu standing on tiptoe, posing in various elegant poses. Light dancing, spinning and jumping, when the girl turned her head, Teddy caught a glimpse of her face, her eyes widened, and an inexplicable throbbing came to her heart, “It's actually her!”      >>>TD01-TD05

At this time, Angel also found Teddy outside the window. She stopped dancing and showed the same sweet smile as before. At that moment, both of them seemed to return to the scene where they met in the photo studio before parting…

We will find traces of photo studios in many movie plots, and it will always be given the mysterious color of time and space by the director. In “Back to 20,” the photo studio is an important place where the grumpy grandma turns into a 20-year-old woman, and a turning point in the story. An old man who was about to be sent to a nursing home passed by a photo studio when he was sad, and wanted to leave his last figure. He didn't expect to walk out of the photo studio and turned into a young and beautiful woman, which made two men jealous of her. Ridiculous.

Many people think that people who like to go to photo studios are people with nostalgic feelings. They like to pursue the mystery of light and shadow and explore the stories of time and space. Genki Kawamura described in the book “April Girlfriend” that the heroine used the camera as a fuse when meeting the hero for the first time. At the beginning of the story, the heroine appeared in front of the hero with a camera and walked into his world. During the subsequent conversation, she recalled to him her story with the old grandfather in the photo studio near her home, with a little sadness.     >>>TD01-TD05

When designing the “Time Studio”, the designer also grasped the interlaced sense of time and space of the photo studio, and created a colorful world through light strings and colored PET, creating a fantasy dream, which is more in line with the characteristics of time-freezing. In the process of assembling, the assembler felt the love between Teddy and Angel when they met twice through the touch of light, shadow, and color. In this space where time flows, you will feel a different kind of memory. As if in memory, the scene of taking pictures with those people appeared in front of me. Whether you are a person who is nostalgic for time or a person who chases time, in the “Time Studio”, you can find your own time.