Are There STEM Kits for Adults?

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In most scenarios, people are encouraging kids to develop and improve their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) since those are critical factors to learn at a young age. But there is a misconception on that matter because learning should not stop even though people are going to the stage of adulthood. There are different ways on how adults can still make use of their STEM abilities through toys, kits, and other projects they can do, like solving 3D puzzles. For specifics, there are 3D wooden puzzles that are for any age, which means adults can also enjoy solving them as much as kids do. In this blog, we will be highlighting a detailed explanation about STEM Kits for adults.

What Are STEM Kits?

Not everybody happens to hear the term STEM Kits, since not everyone loves science, mathematics, and engineering. So, if it is your first time hearing it, here’s a quick description of it. STEM Kits are usually seen in experiments, puzzle-solving, and other activities that require a set of tools or kits to finish a particular project. Sometimes you can also see it from toys that are technology- and engineering-based or mechanical. But the term toys and puzzles are not only applicable for kids since adults also enjoy doing activities connected to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

There are also different kinds of activities that improve an adult's curiosity and learning. Some of them enjoy solving 3D Wooden Puzzles that form different figures or images when completed, as most of them include STEM Kits inside the set of included pieces.

3D Wooden Puzzles with STEM Kits

If you are already an adult looking for ways how to utilize your skills and interest in STEM-based activities, here are some of the 3D wooden puzzle products we offer with included STEM kits and tools. Check them out below, and it’s time for you to assemble these fun and fancy wooden puzzles.

ROKR Marble Night City

ROKR Marble Night City LGA01 Marble Run | Robotime Online

If you are a fan of Marble Run and want to build it on your own, you can check out the ROKR Marble Night City. It will surely satisfy your interests in science, technology, and completing a piece of machinery. The 3D wooden puzzle includes track race balls and tower distributors, which you can watch while they roll and turn around the slopes. In terms of the assembly time, you can complete this within 7 hours. Get yourself ready as you create this masterpiece.

ROKR Vitascope Movie Projector

ROKR Vitascope Movie Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle LK601 | Robotime Online

Keeping something vintage catches the attention of everyone. As interesting as they look, it’s also really great to be the one building a classy piece, like the ROKR Vitascope Movie Projector. If you think that this is only good for home decoration or as a toy, you are wrong. This classic projector can really play a movie after you complete building the pieces together. The black and white film included in the set gives you the chance to enjoy a cinema with your friends and family. Also, you will surely use your STEM skills on the 183 wooden pieces and the structure that you will need to build.

ROKR Owl Clock

ROKR Owl Clock Mechanical Gears 3D Wooden Puzzle LK503 | Robotime Online

This ROKR Owl Clock Mechanical Gears will take your STEM abilities and puzzle-solving skills into another level as you try to build together its 161 pieces within 4 hours. The piece has an owl shape and will show you the accurate time of the day. Aside from that, it comes with STEM kits that also level up your experience during the self-assembly. Lastly, you will love its Bell Timer feature that comes with a ringing sound you can use for up to 30 minutes.

ROKR Treasure Box

ROKR Treasure Box Mechanical Gears 3D Wooden Puzzle LK502 | Robotime Online

If you are the kind of person who wants to keep pieces of jewelry somewhere safe, then you can count on the ROKR Treasure Box Mechanical Gears. It is spacious enough to serve as your storage for your treasured small items, and keep them safe and secured by setting a three-digital password. Aside from the general purpose of this 3D wooden puzzle, you will also enjoy building it by yourself, but with some touch of challenge because of the detailed patterns and its delicate parts and gears. You will have to do it carefully and utilize all the kits and tools included in it.


As people grow older or enter adulthood, it does not mean that they are no longer capable of improving or enhancing their skills. One of the most important abilities that a person must develop falls under Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) because these are about building, problem-solving, and creativity. Since 3D wooden puzzles became a trend in the market of toys and interesting hobbies to do, there are pieces introduced that work both for kids 14+ and adults. So, the answer to the question of whether there are STEM kits available for adults is yes. Adults can still enjoy self-assembly toys, like 3D wooden puzzles, and utilize their knowledge and skills just like kids do nowadays.