Top 5 3D Wooden Puzzle (ROKR‘s 2020)

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The Official ROKR Top 5 list is compiled by the Robotime C&C, based on official sales.

【ROBOTIME, founded in 2007, is a world renowned brand that focuses on  3d wooden puzzles, toys and wooden handicrafts. ROBOTIME owns three(3) sub-brands: ROKR、Rolife and Robud.】

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1. Zodiac Wall DIY Clock 

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Assembly time: About 6 hours 
  • Package Size: 470*309*55mm
  • Wood Pieces: 168 Pcs

This series of products are created by Miko, a famous European designer, to create the beauty of the combination of machinery and time. Make invisible things into tangible art works that can be transmitted in front of you.

Zodiac Wall DIY Clock

As long as you push the corresponding mechanical structure, the product will tell you the exact time and date. They are clocks and calendars that can be used in real life.

ROKR Fans Show

ROKR Fans ShowROKR Zodiac Clock Blog


2. DIY Crank Classic Gramophone

  • Wood piece: 424 pcs 
  • Assembly time: About 12 hours (the most difficult one in 2020)
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Package size: 317*235*83 mm

It is inspired by the Gramophone invented by Thomas Edison. Retro design style with a vintage record player, It is not only just a model but also a gramophone that can really play records. 

DIY Crank Classic Gramophone

What is unknown is that most classical gramophone is manual. In order to revive the classics, we adopted a similar structure. Through the internal complex gear structure, it can be played without a battery, which makes people feel the unique experience of playing in person.

It supports 7-inch and 10-inch records. Manually control the volume through the knob. We also made a micro USB port, which can be connected to an external power supply to reduce the intensity of the hand crank.

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ROKR Classic Gramphone ROKR Classic Gramphone LKB01ROKR Classic Gramphone LKB01

3. Owl Clock

  • Packaging Size: 345*235*57 mm
  • Weight: 1080g
  • Wood Pieces: 161pcs
  • Assembly time: About 4 hours

This mechanical clock with beautiful owl shape and battery movement. It has a wind-up pendulum with wind-up timer. When the time is up, timer bell will ring!(max: 30mins)

Owl Clock LK503 Battery Mechanical Gears Kit

It is a cool project with absorbing building experience, also a beautiful home decor after finished.
ROKR Fans Show
ROKR Owl Clock-1
ROKR Owl Clock-1


4. Starry Night Orrery Mechanical Music Box

  • Wood piece: 101 pcs 
  • Assembly time: About 2.5 hours (the most difficult one in 2020)
  • Weight: 0.53kg
  • Package size: 271*192*69 mm

The Starry Night is a replica of the vintage Orrery mechanism. It is inspired by solar system model which illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons. The planets are made of colorful acrylic and circles while tunes playing.

Starry Night AMK51 Orrery Mechanical Music Box

ROKR Fans Show

ROKR Starry Night-1

ROKR Starry NightROKR Starry Night-1

5. Marble Parkour

  • Wood piece: 233 pcs 
  • Assembly time: About 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 0.96 kg
  • Package size: 317*233*46mm

Marble Run

Marble Run Race is based on great human engineering. They combine the beauty of science and machines, involving so many small gadgets. Build the set and crank the handle, watch marbles run crazy down the slopes and twisting turns.

ROKR Fans Show

ROKR Marble Run

ROKR Marble RunROKR Marble Run

ROKR Collection Show

ROKR Collection Show

ROKR Collection Show

ROKR Collection Show

ROKR Collection Show

Which one do you like best?