DIY Music Box by robotime--You do ! you enjoy!

DIY Music Box by Robotime--You Do ! You Enjoy !

The title of this blog actually explains also the fundamental significance of "Do it Yourself" (DIY), do one thing by yourself, enjoy the process. It's like a cooking done by yourself.

Think what taste is your long-prepared cooking? That's right! It must be very tasteful, the same to our "Music Box". It enable you and your kids to play assembling together, you enjoy the process, and more importantly you can see you own final works. 

This is what our music box can bring to our customers. We don't sell finished music box to you, we only give you 69 to 118 wooden pieces,  you assemble them by yourself to get a music box,

Let's see an example of how one of our music boxes is assembled. 

DIY Music Box --Vocational Island:

  • Assembled Size: 83*82*157mm
  • Wood pieces: 62 pcs
  • Music: "Want to Say I Love You"
  • Available here: Robotime's Webshop


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