How To Beat Boredom During 2020 Quarantine

People now are stuck at home due to the COVID-19, and have to stay home if want to stay safe. Self isolation is not as bad as you think but being in quarantine does cause boredom.

You may choose things that you like such as playing games with your family, watching movie or doing some DIY things. So we bring 3 useful tips to all ‘free souls’ which might help you overcome the boredom.

1. Cooking

You may realize that cooking has become a survival skills nowadays. Imaging people with cooking skills are enjoying the delicious food made by their own while you’re still waiting for takeout with an empty stomach. So you can take this chance and improve your cooking skills.

2. Dance

Dance is always an effective way to get rid of boredom. Instead of being listless, but awake your body. This type of movement not only increases strength, it also has the additional benefits of improving balance through rhythm and music.

You can also learn it as social uses. It will help with your social confidence and activities.

3. Doing DIYs

Beyond the satisfaction that comes with creating something using your own two hands, there are many benefits of it. For example, it can boost Brain Power, relax your body, and make you more concentrate.

Robotime provides different kinds of toys which is very friendly to DIY beginners. We have stunning miniature dollhouses, coolest mechanical models, as well as best wooden puzzles. Here we will introduce 2 popular products to you for your quarantine.

Simon’s Coffee DG109

Vivid cafe house with vintage furniture and delicate accessories. It reminds me of my first encounter.

Detail is everything. Seeing the pictures, as if we were in a real coffee shop. Drinking a cup of coffee with your friends, enjoying the quiet afternoon time.

Besides, it’s not only a DIY toy, but a decoration as well. A beautiful display like this on your desk, how amazing, isn’t it?

3D Puzzle Movie Projector - Vitascope-LK601

If you think this small projector is only a model, then you are wrong.  It’s a real film projector.  Very classic, very mechanical, let this small projector take you back to the old days when every scene is black and white.

Based on antique-style film projector, LK601 Vitascope represents the great charm of the Silent Film Era. Assemble it piece by piece, rotate the crank to project a classic clip of Chaplin movie. You will savor a carefree pleasure during and after the building experience.

Hope those tips would help you with your boredom during quarantine.

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