Robotime Create A DIY Handmade Toy Feast For Kids and Adults

At present, DIY handmade toys and crafts have become a trend of leisure and entertainment. Many children and adults will enjoy life and gain a full sense of achievement by making DIY handcrafts in their spare time.

As a well-known supplier of DIY handmade products, Robotime has been committed to providing imaginative and creative DIY handmade original products for global consumers, making the public to experience a relaxed, innovative and free lifestyle.


Robud preschool DIY toys, enlighten children's artistic talent

Robud is a high-end pre-school aesthetic education brand under Robotime group, its core concept is“do not be a general generation”, focusing on children's creative play experience and inspire children's artistic talent. Robud new toys have ultra-light clay dinosaur park, connecting scrolls, painting colors, etc., which will lead the new trend of preschool toy products.

Ultra-Light Clay Dinosaur Park is a puzzle DIY toy. Children can take out the pieces from the box, build the skeleton according to the number, mould with clay, simulate the whole process of dinosaur recovery, and “resurrect” the dinosaur in 3 steps. This clay toy not only can make every child a little archaeologist, but also cultivate their spatial imagination and hands-on ability and enhance their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Connected Picture Roll is a puzzle toy that combines the functions of numbers, connections, paintings and stories. It has a large format that allows children to experience the fun of painting, cognitive learning in painting, and enhance aesthetic ability.

Painted color is an educational toy featuring "hand-assembled + painting". Its innovative play can make children enjoy twice happiness. At the same time, it can also exercise children's hands-on ability, logical ability and artistic creativity of color application.

Rolife create a delicate creative culture brand, explore a new life experience

Rolife is a creative culture brand under the group, aiming to explore infinite possibilities of life. It is committed to create a creative cultural brand that covers creative DIY, exquisite gifts and fun doll. It spreads art and fun concept of relaxing life. Rolife launches three literary and fresh DIY toys of innovative illustration music box “Music Carnival”, ultra-light clay night light "Starry Glass Theater" and Teddy Art House, giving audiences a different experience of creative culture boutique.

The illustration music box "Music Carnival" is an innovative music box product, which has three types: "ice cream, love fun", "cello summer" and "carnival party". This illustration music box combines illustration stories with Japanese imported music bells, telling impressive stories with illustrations, impressing the listener's soul with music, and letting users experience romantic literary feelings.

Ultra-light clay night light "Starry Glass Theater" is a clay-like DIY artwork. Users may DIY their own fairy tale dreams by hand and create a pure world with ultra-light clay. It lights every dreamy night with shining lights and stars through the glass cover. "Starry Glass Theater" has four styles of "God of Love", "The Deer of Elk", "Wings of Allure" and "Poetry of Love". Each of them shows a wonderful scene of fairy tale world, satisfying fairy tale fantasy in each soul.


Teddy Art House

With the bringing of the IP figure, Rolife will open a new chapter in the DIY art house field once again, after exploiting the concept of “art house”. Teddy Art House is a series of IP art house products jointly launched by Rolife and Teddy Collection. The theme of the series products is “Love”, which combines the design of the art house with five beautiful love stories.

The Art House and Teddy dolls tell the five theme stories of waiting, mischief, luck, naivety and romance, including five products of secret love letters, love boxing, the flower shop, time and space photo studio, meeting in the coffee house.

Rokr high-end precision brand, leading the new geek trend

Rokr is a cool geek brand that combines the beauty of machinery with scientific exploration, satisfying the fanatic belief of geeks admiring technology, freedom and creativity. LG series, LK series and LS series products are the masterpieces of the brand.

LG502 is a model of Orbital Ball. It is inspired by the mysterious Inca ancient city in Andes mountain of Peruvian. More than 10,000 years ago, energy beads were rich in a prehistoric village of Inca civilization, which rolled into the millstone along interlaced orbits. It is also the prototype of Zuma game, which we are familiar with.


ROKR series models adopt splicing technology of Robotime independent research and development, coupled with German Laval nozzle and CO2 laser cutting technology, to ensure that each model is assembled accurately and easily, without glue or any special tools. The new LK601 old fashioned projector is powered by a hand-cranked generator. It is geared, battery-free, and environmental friendly. It is the best choice for geeks and high-end precision model fans.

The design background of LS series is such a story: Resources on the earth will be exhausted in the 21st century. Humans are trying to seek a new home in the Galaxy. ROKR launches LS series space fleet onto Mars in 2050, ROKR space program is officially opened. LS402 Curiosity Rover in LS series supplies power by solar energy. It does not require any external energy such as batteries. It perfectly maintains green product features and concepts of ROKR series products without battery and glue.

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