3D Wooden Painting Puzzle--A Good Weapon to "Torture" Your Kids

A Good Weapon to "Torture" Your Kids

Different from only plywood puzzle assembly, 3D wooden painting puzzle series give us a chance to "torture"  not only your fingers, but also your patience.   




Can you understand it?  Ok, you understand, that means you are not kids. you are safe for the "torture" . But you finally find a weapon to deal with your naughty boys and girls. Think what they did to you, made a noise, watched cartoon for hours, messed up your tidy sitting room,  etc. 

Ok, Time to give them a lesson!

"Torture" them with our "weapons".  Hope you kids are over 3 years old. you know, "international law" said "weapon" can not be used for less then 3 years old kids. 

painting puzzle

What does the "weapon" has?

Plywood, Instructions, Pigment Set(different color). Brush

Where to get the "weapon" ?

Robotime's webshop: www.robotimeonline.com


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