Is it a “dollhouse” or a “diorama” or a “miniature house”?

 DIY Mini House

Robotime, as a famous toy brand in China, has various toys in over 10 categories , like dinosaurs, mechanical gear, music box, architectural building,  painting puzzle, ancient ship, jigsaw puzzle, DIY house, etc.




Sometimes, how to name the toys is a question we need to deal with, just like you got a new-born baby, but you still have no idea about his/her name even by the time you register his/her ID.  For us, the same case is also applied to naming our toys. In some case, it’s particularly even so, as you know we are not native English speaker.

Take our DIY-house for example. What’s DIY-house?  Do you have any idea about DIY-house?  No, it’s not the house for people’s living, it’s DIY miniature house as described in Robotime’s catalogue. DIY miniature house as a toy?  Maybe you will ask is it dollhouse? 

Mini house


Actually we use dollhouse to describe our toys all the time. But is it 100% right?

Until we look up the definition of “dollhouse”, we found it’s not 100% right.

 According to Dictionary, dollhouse is defined as “ a house so small that it is likened to a child's plaything[syn: dollhouse, doll’s house]. When we look up google image, it shows us the following photo.



We found some customers call it diorama, according to dictionary and google image, it’s more suitable to describe our toys.



 Of course, sometimes we use also “miniature house”.


So, what do you think?  Which word is most suitable to describe our toy?



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