New Steampunk Music Boxes by Robotime are FOR SALE

Steampunk Music Box Design by Robotime

Steampunk music boxes, what? steampunk music box?  

Music box I know it, but what's steampunk?

OK, Let me show you how Wikipedia talk about "Steampunk" 

" Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Although its literary origins are sometimes associated with the cyberpunkgenre,[3] steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West", in a post-apocalyptic future during which steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power. Therefore, steampunk may be described as neo-Victorian "

What's Wikipedia talking about?  I still have no idea.

steampunk music box 


Now, you know a little about steampunk style after seeing the above photo. Ok, Time to show our Robotime's steampunk music boxes.

Robotime has five steampunk music boxes till today. Let's look at it one by one.

  1. Orpheus
  2. Seymour
  3. Bunny
  4. Submarine
  5. Spaceship

The first one is called " Orpheus "  (why this name, Orpheus is a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth)

Assembled size: 150 x 92 X 185 mm
Package size: 193 x 270 x 73 mm
Wood pieces: 221 pcs

steampunk music box-orpheus

The second one is called " Seymour"  ( Just a name)

  • AM480 / Seymour
  • Assembled size: 146 x 146x 131 mm
  • Wood pieces: 110 pcs

The Third one is called "Bunny" ( It looks like a bunny? a fat buny, hahaha)

  • AM481 / Bunny
  • Assembled size: 148 x 131 x 208 mm
  • Wood pieces: 116 pcs

steampunk musk box bunny


The fourth one is called “Submarine”  ( unlike submarine? you don't see the periscopes. hahaha)

  • AM680 / Submarine
  • Assembled size: 181 x 100 x 196 mm
  • Wood pieces: 160 pcs



The fifth one is called "Spaceship"  (See the antenna? it's not just a name. hahahaa)

  • AM681 / Spaceship
  • Assembled size: 148 x 140 x 145 mm
  • Wood pieces: 164 pcs

 Ok, everybody!  Come together, Let's take a photo for your debut. Say Cheese.........

steampunk music box 



All these steampunk music boxes are for sale now, available at Robotime's webshop: 




DiymusicboxStempunk music box

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