Robotime's DIY Dollhouse can bring you more

Robotime's DIY Dollhouse can bring you more


What can Robotime's DIY dollhouse  bring to us?  Just a dollhouse, are you joking? No, Let 's read a Chinese poem first.


From the side, a whole range; from the end, a single peak:
Far, near, high, low, no two parts alike.
Why can’t I tell the true shape of Lu-shan (1).
Because I myself am in the mountain".

                                                             ----- Su shi (2)

1. Lu-Shan is one of the Four greatest mountain in China.
2. Su Shi (Jan.8, 1037 – Aug. 24, 1101 one of the greatest poet in ancient China )

We don't talk about the deep significance of this poem. From its literal meaning, I think you can easily get this point. One same thing, different people can see different views or sights, as they are in different position. sometimes, the views or sights can present some beauty.

The same case is applied to our DIY dollhouse-Cathy's Flower House. Take the dollhouse photo for example, we also have our own photographers, but you know we have a big number of customers, fans or followers, whose sharing photos of Robotime's products sometimes give us a big surprise.  Ok, Let me share you some photos you will know what I am saying

DIY Dollhouse kit

DIY Dollhouse kit2DIY Dollhouse kit3

DIY Dollhouse Kits4

The photos above are from #kixkillradio      Thanks so much for her sharing !

Some information about DIY Dollhouse Kit-Cathy's Flower House

  • Assembled Size: 195*175*175mm
  • with LED light, miniature kits
  • Assembly Duration: about 20 hours.
  • available here  

Now you get my point. We create one thing, but many many people like you find their own views or sights from this thing. If you share us what you have found from our dollhouses or products, then we can share it to more people.  

So, please share us your photo and video of our products. and @robotimeonline (NOT @robotime but @robotimeonline ) on facebook, instagram and pinterest   ( we will find you and give you a surprise :-)




Diy dollhouseDiy miniature houseDollhouse kitMiniature house

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