ROBOTIME, founded in 2007 in Suzhou, China mainland, is a world famous brand focusing on 3D wooden puzzles, toys and wooden handicrafts, owning 3 sub-brands: Rokr, Rolife and Robud.

After 10 years design and development, we have created a lot of interesting and educational interactive puzzle series which attract more and more people’s attention and a growing number of people fall in love with our creation. All our designers work with incredible passion and love to the crafts. Our main products series are as followed.

-Robotic walking prehistoric animals.

This is no ordinary series which could bring children to prehistoric world with joy and fun not only for the life-like design but also for the their features of moving and roaring. It is SOUND-ACTIVATED and WALKS & ROARS when kids clap their hands in laughter and amazement to make the animals come to life! Who doesn't love a ROBOTIC DINOSAUR! Our unique dinosaur toy builds up your kid’s creative minds while they build their toys. It is also a great way to bond with your kids and spends some fun, quality time together as you build it to life. Your kids will love you for getting this.

-DIY music box

Ever wanted to relive the experiences and memories of the time you have spent in the romantic merry-go-round? Never been to the castle in Europe but want to imagine how a slice of life in the city might be? Our delicately fashioned musical box might just be the item you are looking for. You must be surprised to see a Ferris wheel with wonderful color rotating with music, which might bring you to your childhood. And those music boxes with different scenes like the universe, under the sea, tree house, castle in the sky and so on will bring you pleasure as adults used to get in old days and make children feel living in their dreams.

A quality, simple, and elegant product, this musical box can be the ideal decorative piece for your coffee table in the living room or on your reception desk in the office. Whether you are buying this as a gift for your friends or yourself, this item is the perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and a delightful visual and auditory experience.

-DIY miniature house

No wonder that so many people ordered our DIY houses online, this series really conveys a deep meaning and great fun on DIY for people who love to craft. Item like Cathy’s flower house, Ada’s studio, and Lisa’s tailor really have a large popularity for youngsters and teenagers. Each one is a unique design. Every independent furniture includes a book, lamp, or even a piece of leave was hand made by yourself. Not only one assembly approach was provided, you could also manage based on your own ideas. You are going to spend a lot of time on this, but it always turns out to be worthy at last.

We also produce other products like mechanical gears, global style house, word’s great architecture, classical 3D wooden puzzle, and construction vehicles and so on. We put special meaning and ideas in every model and they are made of authentic and eco-friendly plywood for safety based on original design. We are continuously working on new designs for the future models. And we will follow the collectors’ anticipations to make sure our designs are desirable and appreciated.

It is not just a construction we wanted to create but a piece of art that will bring the beautiful world of puzzles closer and make it more comprehensible. We give people what they miss – the feel of real motion, real craft that they make work by themselves.

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