Stories Behind Robotime's 3D Wooden Puzzle

Stories Behind Robotime’s 3D Wooden Puzzle

Two to three pieces of pre-cut wooden sheets incredibly give an amazing fantastic experience in exploring the animal world.  The transformation from wooden sheets to vivid and shaped animals would definitely open a new world for you! We not only “bring things to life” (Robotime’s Slogan), but also “bring life to things”.

Let’s take a look at this series!

The Gorilla raising his two arms which means to say Hi to every passerby is a friendly partner of human being. They are lovely, aren’t they? One of our domestic customer comment that she actually can’t help smiling every time she gets back her home and sees the Gorilla, which brings her entertainment. A fantastic relieve after whole day of work.

3D Wooden Puzzle-Gorilla


Who doesn’t love the little Owl standing in the branch of the tree with its round eyes open? It just looks like a guard in your bedroom and takes care of you in silence when you get sleep. Take parts out of the pre-cut sheets and start creating your own Owl !

3D Wooden Puzzle-Owl

The horse in our series is not a still horse but a horse that is just stopping with two of his feet still up, adding a personality to it. You could imagine the mood of him or what he is going to do next. It is not only a silent object, while remains as an encouraging and positive signal to give us different ideas in our daily life and work.

3D Wooden Puzzle-Horse

Never touched the head of Giraffe before? now you get the chance to do it! The Giraffe that is eating the leaves looks even more adorable than a real one. Come on and count how long the Giraffe’s neck is.

3D wooden PUzzle-Giraffe

This whole series is all vivid in shape and conveys an interesting and profound meaning. Photo gives you an idea of what it looks like, but assembling them with your own hands is the only way to explore the animal word and at the same time make yourself comfortable and happy in modern society. It is also a great family bond since it brings unforgettable times of working together with your children, friends or relatives. No matter how old you are and what job you do, you should not miss these cuties.





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