After 30 Hours, Robotime DIY Cottage Kit Cathy's Flower House Built—Unboxing

BY Cornelius Owen

It’s also a coincidence. Recently I am free, I have nothing to do. I accidentally see this product - DIY Dollhouse Kit-Cathy's Flower House. I see the product introduction is very beautiful, the effect photo of assembling is also good, the image of the review area is also nice, then I bought one myself

The official estimate time is 20 hours, I figured it out, it will take me 30 hours to complete the toy assembly.

Now the product arrived, the outer packing box looks good.

I open the box and find that there are all kinds of small parts, a pile of colored paper tools inside.

The assembly steps are skipped over , the toy will be assembled completely according to the instructions inside. The following are some small objects that will be assembled.


Above is the overall completion toy photo, very good, it took a long time to see the results!

It is also awesome to put my toy wives in one box.

Finally, take a photo with my toy wives, Wow!


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