To Build Your Own Great Architectures with Robotime's 3D Wooden Puzzle

3D Wooden Puzzle: To Build Your Own Great Architectures 


Do you remember what dream you had when you were in childhood? To become a policeman, a scientist, a doctor, a teacher or an architect?   

Do you remember what make you have such dream?  Definitely a story happened behind your dream. Was the story related to one of your relatives’ professions, TV drama or cartoon’s figures, or a toy someone presented to you?

No matter dream come true or not, the most important thing is the happy memory you had in your mind. This is what our toys can bring to you or your kids. And this is also we want to recommend our “great architecture” series to you. Why? 

  • Reason One: Nobody knows your architecture toy cannot make you kids have a great dream of becoming an architect planted in his/her mind? 
  • Reason Two: To assemble our architectures require joint participation of parents and kids. This is a very important happy time for your kids though you are tied up with other business.
  • Reason Three: To introduce architecture-related knowledge to your kids, like which country is the architecture located, what history behind the architecture.

Eiffel Tower

Robotime has two series of architectures for your choice:

1. "World's Great Architecture'


3D Puzzle Great Architecture

2, "Mini World's Great Architecture".

3D wooden puzzle-Mini Great Architecture


3d wooden puzzleBig benEiffel towerGreat architectureMayan pyramidSpasskaya towerSydney opera houseTriumphal arch

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