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Go Ahead For Your Dream


Scene 1

Quit without getting a new chance

“I want to quit”, Nancy said to her boss, with a whispering voice.

“I am sorry but what did you say?” answered the boss. He is busy signing on tons of paper and hardly has time to raise his head.

“I said I am going to fire you”. She opened her mouth and shouted to the boss.

Outside the office of the boss, Mr. Qi who is copying document, Ms. Ha who is looking into the mirror while drinking the milk tea, Mr. T who is concentrating on designing, all stopped to stare at the boss’s office.

“Who is that exactly?”

“Is it poor Nancy, what is going on with her?”

“Did Nancy think about men too much to crazy?”

“Wow, this is so interesting!”

The whole office is heated debating……

Then Nancy cannot bear anymore. She cannot let herself being ignored all the time and being laughed at from time to time. She is stepping into her thirties while remains ordinary and single.


Scene 2

Go back to 18 years old.

She gazes at the music box sent by her best friend after blowing off the candle. The Ferris wheel keeps turning which seemingly brings her to the days when she is 18.

Her long, fine hair was swept back in a ponytail, and glasses are missing as well. But she could still see the world quite clearly. Mom is pushing: “Little Nancy, what are you thinking about? Isn’t the cake I made for you beautiful? Go ahead to make a wish and blow off the candle. And after that, mommy is going to make your favorite red bean dessert”. Yeah, it is exactly as when she was 18 when mom is still with her. That birthday is the last birthday her mom celebrated for her. She recalled that on a rainy summer day she didn’t know how long she cried with her mom’s photo framed in black. All these years, she lost all the passion and confidence in her lonely house and worked as a robot in this company without any enjoyment.


Scene 4

If happy

Hearing the beautiful music coming from the music box, Nancy feels she is never happier than the moment after her mom left. The moment the music box stops rotating, she is dragged back to reality.

“No!” she starts to run it almost crazily again and again. But what had passed is passed. She sits on the floor with desperate and stares at the candle burning into ashes. She runs to the restroom and looks into the mirror, only to see a pale face in a pair of big and old-fashioned glasses with hair unruly. Nancy takes off the glasses and makes a ponytail for herself just as she used to be when she was 18.

“Mom doesn’t want to see her daughter living in this way. Maybe I should find my passion and confidence back. Then she could have peace in heaven” she said to herself.


Scene 5

Why not go ahead for your dream?

She stopped hesitating and told her boss, “I am quitting”. After that she walks back to her seat, sweeps her hair back in a ponytail, puts on a very popular lipstick and walks away with the music box. When she walked out of the company, the music starts and everything becomes fresh again.

This time she stood at the playground in school and asked the boy she fell in love with, “I like you, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

 The boy smiled……..



Scene 6

Dream comes true

The clock just rang a few times.

“Honey it is time to get up. You really have a good sleep. The clock is ringing for a while”

Nancy opens her sleepy eyes and sees the boy she loved when she is 18.

“Dear, you are going to be late. Stop dazing! Mom has prepared the red bean dessert, which is your favorite. Come on get up and happy 30th birthday! ” Her husband gives a kiss on her forehead.

This is a work of fiction.

To those who are not satisfied with the comfort and dare to dream.

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