#Robotime DIY Greenhouse Project Review - Dollhouse for Ages 10 + or Adult

This was SO MUCH FUN!   If you like to do crafts... you have to purchase one of these DIY kits from Amazon or Official Website.  For the most part... I followed everything exactly and didn't skip many parts.  They give you almost everything you need to complete it as shown.  You only need to have basic tools like scissors, ruler, craft knife, etc.

It comes in a box and looks like this:

There are very detailed instructions!  Each bag of parts is numbered, the instructions will tell you which bag to get a part from.  You'll start with making accessories like these:

Furniture, doors, shelves, etc, and the plants!   You make EVERY plant!  You just cut out the colored paper and make the little plants.  Then they are glued onto the shelves and crates.
Aren't they ADORABLE!!!!!   I put my hand behind this one, so you can see how little they are.  Little vases, flower pots, a dresser, bird houses, and more.  Everything is either paper, wood or metal/glass. 
After it's all assembled onto the floor, you build the "glass" part, which is plastic.  It does have a read working electrical light, but I skipped that part.  Then it's all assembled to together. 
It was hard to get photographs thru the "glass", but it's SO CUTE!!!!!  This was one of the most fun crafts I've ever done.  For the most part I sat watching TV and using a lapdesk to work on.  And I don't even think I messed anything up.  LOL.  The instructions are very detailed and they tell you exactly in what order to do everything.  SUPER FUN!!!!!!! 
There are other designs too.  I just ordered the little sewing room!   Click to see and purchase:
P.S: This Blog Post from Lara, one of the ROBOTIME DIY HOUSE Fans.

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