Robotime’s New Miniature Dollhouse Kit –Miller’s Garden is released


In September of 2017, Robotime is going to release its new dollhouse kit, named “Miller’s Garden” . Till today, Robotime has eight dollhouse kits in total. Different from the other seven kits, Miller’s Garden, as its name suggests, is featured outdoor green plants, flowers, grass, etc.


Let’s see the photo

 Dollhouse Kit--Miller's Garden

As we know, Robotime has one dollhouse—Cathy’s Flower House (DG104). It is very popular and also the most best-selling one among all dollhouse kits. Flower House is a independent building, normally is near living house and in yard. The miller garden, as we can see from the above photos, it’s close to living place, it’s more like an outdoor backyard. Maybe not every family has one flower house, but many families have a backyard.


What is the garden has?

Green leaf vines, flowers in different color, plants of various types, vase, backdoor, windows, pot, cosy chair and pillows, metal rails, wooden shelves, watering can, straw hat, light, downpipe, spade, book,etc.


Let’s imagine, on weekend, you get up in the morning and go outside for fresh air. You open your back door and your garden is awaiting there. You fetch a book on the stool and sit on the chair, reading and inhaling the outdoor fresh air. After reading, you get some water with a watering can and water the flowers, plant and vanes. What is an enjoyable and relaxing life!


We hope to bring such garden to everybody, Let’s stop and rest yourself, enjoying the nature and spring time !!!



The dollhouse is available after 10th, Sep, 2017, you can place your order on Robotime’s Webshop now. The price now for reservation is 40 USD only, after 10th, the price will be 42 USD.