What does Robotime think of “DIY” ?


Robotime understands very well what “DIY” mean to a toy player. So, we just prepare the accessories and instructions. You do it (assemble the toys) by yourself, in most cases, you do as you like, not exactly as per the instructions. This is also the essence of “DIY”. We believe “DIY” provides a possibility that every one can play his/her imagination and creativity to full extent. The world is colorful, as well as our imagination and creativity.

Take Robotime’s dollhouses for example, you can change the color of the floor, the position of photo frames, even you can replace the accessories with your loved ones. After all, you are the the owner of the dollhouse you bought, you can change it to your liking. We have seen some cases where the changes or replacements made the dollhouses more beautiful and attracting.

Let’s see the comparation between original version and changed version. 


DIY Dollhouse Kit-Dg104 Cathy's Flower House


Dollhouse Kit--DG101 Lisa's Tailor


Dollhouse Kit DG106 Locus's Sitting Room


DIY dollhouse kit-DG105 Jason's Kitchen


P.S: Many thanks to @kixkillradio and @captaindangerous for their changed versions

Diy dollhouse