First prize: Christmas limited kit DG18 + Cruiser Motorcycle LK504
2nd to 5th prize: Random Classic Kit / Random Classic puzzles
Participation Prize: $20 Coupon

Cruiser Motorcycle LK504

Christmas limited kit DG18

Get $20 off coupon

How to Join

STEP 1: Whatever model, whatever style, only you have a Robotime
STEP 2: Show one of your most satisfactory works in the comment on one of the following homepage

STEP 3: After the activity, we will count the results and send prizes to the top 5(who get the most likes).

Eligibility & Entry Rules
1. Everyone who has a ROBOTIME product can join!
2. Contest period: 30th Sep to 7th Oct, comment must be submitted before 11:59pm, 7th Oct EST.
3. Drawing time: 9th Oct, We will announce the winners on our official FB and Instagram.