How to Assemble

Here are some installation videos that describe the assembly of Rokr products to help you solve problems encountered in the actual assembly process. Blog "ROKR Assembly Guide Q&A"

Advanced Level⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

ROKR Air Vehicle LK702 Mechanical Airship Plane Model


ROKR Vitascope LK601 Mechanical Movie Projector Kit


ROKR DIY Classic Gramophone LKB01D (Electric Version)


ROKR The Globe ST002 Huge 3D Wooden Model


Medium Level⭐⭐⭐ 

ROKR Tractor LK401 - Mechanical Gears Car Model


ROKR Orpheus AM601 - Robotime DIY Steampunk Music Box


ROKR Monocular Telescope ST004 3D Wooden Puzzle


ROKR Grand Prix Car MC401 -1:16 Scale Model


Easy Level ⭐

Rolife Japanese Diplomatic Ship TG307 3D Wooden Puzzle Decor


Rolife TGN01 Ferris Wheel Wooden Music Box


ROKR Perpetual Calendar LK201 3D Puzzle Desk Calendar


For STEM⚙️

STEM, the term that's been used a lot these days, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And the reason why it's been all over the place, is because it is a large part of the mainstream curriculum in education. In practice, this means that educators set aside individual disciplines and instead focus on skills-and project-based approach. In other words – making learning more interesting and engaging.

ROKR Locomotive LK701 Mechanical Wooden Train Kit


ROKR Heavy Truck MC502 -1:40 Scale Truck Model


ROKR Marble Night City LGA01 Marble Run


ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit


Problems encountered during the assembly of clock series