Robud 12 Unique Dinosaur Eggs Excavation Dig Kit WT306

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Mystery Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit Toys: The kids can excavate up unique dinosaurs toys like a real paleontologist. You can hide the eggs around the yard and go on a 'Fossil Search'.It’s perfect for children who love dinosaurs and have a big imagination. Children are very excited to break through the eggs to discover the dinosaurs inside. Makes them curious and eager to learn.

DINOSAUR EGGS EXCAVATION KIT: Including 12 x Dino Eggs, 12 x Knowledge Cards, 2 x Chisel,2 x Brushes,2 x hammers, 1 x Watering Can, 1 x DUST Container, 1 x Instruction. The children really enjoy getting to be “Paleontologists” and are so excited to see what they’d uncover in each egg.

DIG IT UP: Chisel away the shell to dig out the dinosaur inside. Rinse off the remaining plaster, wipe it and make it clean, the kids will get 12 unique dinosaur model kits.

Watering Can: Soak the dinosaur eggs and spray it with a watering can to avoid dust all over the place inside the house when the children dig dinosaur fossils egg up.

DUST Container: Dig up dinosaur fossil eggs in the blue DUST Container to collect debris and mess to keep the room as clean as possible.

Christmas & Dinosaur Easter Eggs & Birthday Gift for Kids: Great dinosaur egg toys for individual play or as a group activity.

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