ROKR Mechanical Music Box Series(5 Sets)

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Size: Gift Bunny AM481

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Buy 1 (Mechanical Music Box Series(5 Sets)) Get 1 Free (Bunny AM481 or Spaceship AM681)

Mechanical Music Box Series(5 Sets) 
Including: AMK41 Airplane-control Tower+AMK51 Starry Night+AMK52 Secret Garden+AMK61 Victorian Lantern+AMK62 Romantic Carousel
Product Information:
Model Number: AMK41 Airplane-control Tower
Wood Pieces: 255pcs
Size: 195*195*251mm
Music: It's a small world
Model Number: AMK51 Starry Night
Wood Pieces: 84pcs
Size: 135*135*155mm
Music: Memory from cats
Model Number: AMK52 Secret Garden
Wood Pieces: 315pcs
Size: 135*135*140mm
Music: Swan Lake
Model Number: AMK61 Victorian Lantern
Wood Pieces: 210pcs
Size: 140*115*300mm
Music: You light my life
Model Number: AMK62 Romantic Carousel
Size: 170*170*235mm
Wood Pieces: 337pcs
Music: Carousel Waltz

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