How to Find Mom the Perfect Gift This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is all about making moms feel special. And why not? She symbolizes sacrifice, patience, and nurture across all cultures and ages. She deserves our love and attention for who and what we are now. She is a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a wisdom to follow, and a heart to trust.


It would be impossible to give back what she did for us, but we can certainly try! Let’s give you some ideas on gifts for your Mom this Mother’s Day 2024.


With the Highest Honor But the Most Predictable Gifts?

There have been different types of festivals in honor of mothers since ancient times, but Anna Jarvis’ campaign to create a national day to celebrate moms is the one we have now.


Inspired by her mother who cared tirelessly for injured soldiers of the Civil War, Anna envisioned a national holiday to highlight mothers’ sacrifices and selflessness in the country, plus provide a time for reflection and gratitude towards all moms everywhere.


Since the first official Mother’s Day on May 10, 1914, the holiday has become an afterthought for some because of too much commercialization and departure from its original purpose. This is reflected in the gifts and gestures some people give— gifts that have become too common and unimpressionable, gifts that lack thought or authenticity.


What to Give Mom on Mother’s Day

You can still give that card, bouquet, or chocolates but it would be great to add a thoughtful and personalized gift. And there are so many for all types of budgets. Here are some of them:


Personalized Jewelry

A creative girl creating jewellery from beads and stones.

Having personalized jewelry made for your Mom can be as expensive or cheap as you want since there’s a wide variety of materials and designs to choose from. It may be a pendant with her birthstone or a design that speaks to her like a butterfly, a rose, or a madonna (mother and child) image. It may also be a locket with pictures of her grandkids or you and your siblings.

Here’s a less costly but novel idea: if you know someone who preserves stuff in jewel-grade resin, you can have a pendant created that contains something sentimental like an umbilical cord or breastmilk (especially for new moms). They’re usually fashioned in a very artistic way and are priceless no matter the cost— the perfect gift and heirloom for generations to come.


Commissioned Art

You may not know it, but many women are secretly enthralled by having their portraits done. All an artist needs is a picture (if it’s a surprise) or some sitting sessions (if she’s aware) to have this done.

If you’ve lost a loved one, your Mom would surely appreciate a family portrait done with separate pictures as reference. It’s the kind of gift that makes a mother remember yet heal. This can be done for departed pets, too.

Commissioned art takes some time to do. Meet up with the artist early on and discuss ideas, references, timeline, and cost first.


A Pottery Class

A mom working with clay in the studio

An experience gift is trendy nowadays as it is enjoyable, educational, and a chance to socialize. A pottery class lets Mom learn, have fun, express, and then take home what she created as a souvenir.

But experience gifts don’t have to be limited to a pottery class. It could also be a masterclass in mixology, baking, cooking, bonsai trees, soap making, or painting. The important thing is your Mom is interested and she gets insider techniques from real pros.


The Ultimate Pampering

A spa day is a dream for most moms, so make her dreams come true with one! Book her an appointment at your favorite place or join her there if you prefer.

Don’t want to go out? Hire a home masseuse who can melt Mom’s stress away, then cook her dinner!

If the spa is too much for your budget, buy her your favorite collection of bath bombs, scented candles, and skincare products instead. Add a fluffy robe and she’s sure to enjoy her next free time at home with some relaxing self-care.


An Outdoor Adventure

A girl walks out with her mother

Speaking of memorable experiences, treat your Mom to a day outdoors where she can be one with nature. You can find an exciting but relaxing trail to hike, spend a day at the beach, go fishing, go horseback riding, or visit a local farm. The key here is to spend a day with family where Mom doesn’t do anything but enjoy.


A Gadget That Makes Her Life Easier

You may think there’s nothing super special about a cordless charger or an e-reader, but it may be something that simplifies your Mom’s life and routines. How about a RoboVac, a smart speaker, or a smartwatch? Or if you can afford it, why not a massage chair? Just help her set it up and let her savor the freeing convenience.


A Surprise Garden

Smiling girl in the garden

Why buy a bouquet when you can give her live flowers for life? You may have to find an accomplice to distract her for a day while you go upgrade her yard (or have a landscaper do it), but it’d be worth it when she comes home to a literal bed of roses (or her favorite flowers).

These are a few thoughtful gifts that give a lasting experience, a walk down memory lane, some stress relief, or a chance to strengthen your bonds. It makes her feel she is heard and appreciated. That’s why it’s important to listen to your Mom when she goes, “I’ve always wanted a (something),” or “I’ve always wanted to (an experience).” That’s how you find the perfect gift.


Celebrate the Tradition with Something Non-traditional

Over the years, mothers have been receiving the same things over and over. It’s time to give your Mom something more profound than the usual bouquet or trinket.


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