4 Best Landmark Models: Recreate Iconic Landmarks at Home

Some people’s definition of living their best life is being able to travel the world or their dream destinations, whether from a foreign land. The adrenaline and excitement are the feelings we cannot miss when traveling, but sometimes circumstances do not align with our plans. If other people can travel around the world without worries, some cannot. But did you know that you can still enjoy the sight of your favorite landmark through their replicated and prefabricated versions?

Europe is a dream destination because of its diverse culture and glamorous landmarks. Aside from the history and alluring details of the structures, the captivating charm of city landmarks of the United Kingdom and France will take your breath away, like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Arc de Triomphe. What if you can have these landmarks displayed inside your home? Yes, you have read it right. These four most popular places in Europe have replicated architecture of 3D wooden puzzle with reduced dimensions to fit as a collection or home decor. You can continue scrolling down to check out more details about these 3D wooden puzzles and review their fine points.

4 Best Landmark Models

Have you heard of a handcrafted city landmark? It is now made possible by Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzles, where you can build the four popular spots in Europe. The structures and designs of these architectural wooden puzzles are constructed with delicateness, accuracy, and top-notch quality, giving you the realism of the city’s wonder and learning their history. Get ahold of your creativity and craft artistry for this 3D wooden puzzle-solving journey. Check out below!

Rolife Night of the Eiffel Tower - A Parisian Classic

Rolife Night of the Eiffel Tower 3D Wooden Puzzle TGL01 | Robotime Online

Are you captivated by the charm of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? You can now take it inside your home, not literally, but through its prefabricated wooden version. Paris has become popular across the globe with the 330-meter tall Iron Lady that symbolizes the French diverse culture. 

Take advantage of the chance to display the beauty of this iconic architectural sight inside your home through the Robotime-Rolife Eiffel Tower 3D wooden model. It will take you about three hours to solve the 164 pieces of rusty iron-colored wooden parts. But you will surely fall in love with the outcome of the puzzle when assembled, especially when accentuated by its four lighting modes (flowing, flashing, constant, and breathing).

Rolife Big Ben -  An iconic British architecture

Rolife Big Ben With Lights TG507 Architecture 3D Wooden Puzzle | Robotime Online

With Robotime, you can now enjoy a smooth assembly process of 3D wooden puzzles that produce miniature world-famous landmarks, such as Big Ben in London. If you haven’t seen it in person, it’s the perfect chance to bring it home. Everyone loved the Big Ben tower, but they were more charmed by its splendor during nighttime. 

It would be best to check out the Rolife Big Ben with Lights and witness its classic beauty when spotted in night mode. To let you know, it is a perfect gift for friends and family who love assembling puzzles and will also be a great home decoration.

Rolife Arc de Triomphe - A Famous French architecture

Rolife Arc de Triomphe 3D Wooden Puzzle TG502 | Robotime Online

Historical places capture people’s interest, and aside from learning from their founding stories, you will be amazed by how their structures have been well-maintained up until now. The Arc De Triomphe in France is also a historical site since the Napoleonic Period, and you may not believe that it already has a mini 3D wooden puzzle version. 

Here at Robotime, we guarantee to give you the realistic feeling of being in the Champs-Elysées in Paris with our Arc De Triomphe model. It has 118 pieces that you can assemble in an hour or more. Whether you’re giving this to a special someone or want to keep it at home, building it on your own will surely satisfy your soul and mind.

Rolife Tower Bridge - London's Defining Landmark

Rolife Tower Bridge with Lights 3D Wooden Puzzle TG412 | Robotime Online

Since 1894, the Tower Bridge in London has been confidently standing tall and recognized worldwide because of its defined structure. Did you know that here in Robotime, we can take you to this city landmark? We offer you the Tower Bridge model, but this is the one with a lighting mode. 

Take this splendid landmark with you, and study its intricate designs and features to achieve the miniature of this famous architectural site. It has 113 wooden pieces that you may assemble in only one and a half hours.


Landmarks and tourist spots from different countries are recognized because of their classic history. The continent of Europe has always been a dream destination for most people, not only because of its diverse culture but because of the timeless architectural sites across its cities. The world-famous structures in Europe are the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe of Paris, and Tower Bridge and Big Ben of London. These historical and splendid architectural sites are now produced in smaller dimensions designed through wooden parts. 

Robotime offers the 3D wooden puzzle version of these four city landmarks, and this blog highlighted the details about them. Each of these 3D wooden puzzles is made with the highest quality of wooden materials and adhesives. Decide which one of them suits your interest and level of puzzle-solving skills. Build one of these city landmarks for your home now and enjoy a fun-filled assembly!

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