Rolife Sakura Journey - A Beautiful Spring Station

Have you ever imagined yourself enjoying a season of spring in a foreign land, with colourful flowers blooming making the streets lovely and wonderful? Japan is one of the countries that is rich in culture, but there is one thing that catches the attention of tourists during its spring season - the Sakura or Cherry Blossom trees. They bloom around the months of March and April, giving picturesque views to everyone that visits Japan, and their beautiful white and pink flowers are loved by many people worldwide. The busy streets become more wonderful with the cherry blossoms, and everyone can witness it even when inside a tram, while travelling across a town.

Though not everyone gets a chance to visit Japan during the spring season, Rolife found a way to take you there through its newest wooden masterpiece - Sakura Journey 3D Wooden Puzzle. For further elaboration, we wrote this blog to highlight the product details and also the reasons why it is a must-have 3D wooden puzzle as of the moment!


Details of Rolife Sakura Journey

If you cannot get over the wonderful sight of cherry blossoms across the streets of Japan, maybe it’s time to try building the newest Sakura Journey 3D Wooden Puzzle from Rolife. It is one of the latest products from this well-known brand, and it will not disappoint.

Here are some of the specifications of this wooden puzzle:

223 Laser cut wood pieces

Assembly tools

Assembly Duration: 3-5 hours

Difficulty Level: ★★★

Assembled Size: 9.1" * 5.5" * 6.5"(23.2*14*16.7cm)

Recommended ages: 14+


Detailed Tram Appearance

The classic local trams were used as a mode of transportation in Japan starting from the 18th century up until today. After spending hours solving the Sakura Journey 3D Wooden Puzzle, it will highlight the small-size representation of the classic tram in Japan, from its outside appearance to the inside details shown through its wooden window frames.

LED Lighting

The amazing scene of the tram and the sakura can be levelled up by turning on its LED lighting. The Sakura Journey puzzle comes with 6-beads of LED mood light that gives a more enchanting atmosphere. It can be charged using a type-C cable, especially when you want the lighting turned on for a longer period of time.

Classic Tram Railway Scene

Aside from the intricate features of the tram showcases in this 3D wooden puzzle, the scene will not be completed without the tramway track in which the classic tram runs. The tracks serve as the platform where the miniature tram moves along to make it more realistic. Also, it has overhead wires that are usually seen in tramways as the source of electricity.

Difficulty Level

If you are having second thoughts that this 3D wooden puzzle may be too difficult for you, Rolife guarantees that this is on an average or normal level. It means that whether you are a beginner or a pro in 3D wooden puzzle solving, you will have a smooth and easy assembly experience.

Product Dimensions

The Sakura Journey can be solved in approximately 2.5 hours since it comes with a total of 223 wooden pieces that you need to put and connect together. Once completed, the assembled size will be 23.2x14x16.7 in centimeters, and 9.1x5.5x6.5 in inches.


Why Choose Rolife Sakura Journey

Are you thinking of what 3D wooden puzzle to solve next? Watch out for the Rolife Sakura Journey and here are the things that will make you consider it as one of your best options:

Easy to Assemble

The wooden pieces are made by professional artisans that worked closely and meticulously on engraving the designs of the parts and how they will be connected together to make sure that the assembly process will be smooth and easy for the solvers. Tenon and mortise joints are used for locking, fitting, and connecting even without the presence of glue.

A Gift for a Loved One

Whether it is a friendly or romantic gift, this 3D wooden puzzle will surely give a smile to the lucky receiver. It is a perfect gift to anyone at any age and gender since it can be portrayed as a dollhouse model by a kid, a romantic scene by your special someone, or a great miniature of a spot for a traveler friend of yours.

Perfect as Home Decor

If you are planning to display this inside your home, you will surely not regret doing so. It can be placed anywhere in the house, may it be beside your favorite flower vase in the living room, or you can put it with your lamp shade near your bed - the LED lighting can change the whole mood.

High-Quality and Sturdy

The main objective of Rolife is to offer top-notch quality 3D wooden puzzles, and the Sakura Journey is not an exception among them. It is guaranteed to have high-quality and durable wooden parts, plus the wood materials used are corrosion-resistant. You don’t have to worry because the assembled puzzle will also be sturdy enough.

Made from Eco-Friendly Wood

Rolife is not only after the excellent designs and features of the wooden puzzles they offer, but also plays a role in environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly woods materials. You will not only benefit from the durability of the assembled Sakura Journey wooden puzzle, but also contribute to balancing ecological impacts.



Rolife introduced the Sakura Journey 3D Wooden Puzzle recently as a realistic image of the classic vintage tram used by the Japanese, together with the sight of cherry blossom trees in the season of spring. It is a usual scene of the urban tram station of Japan, where passengers await for their travel journey. The tram was named “Delivering Beauty” and positioned where sakura are at their fullest bloom. This 3D wooden puzzle of a charming tram has been elaborated with its product details from dimensions to features, and it is now your turn to build them with your own creativity, skills, and interest.

Here at Rolife, we are committed to bringing out top-notch wooden puzzles and guaranteeing an assembly experience full of joy, entertainment, and a little bit of a challenge. Get yourself ready as we travel to Japan, and let’s start the journey by hopping inside the tram with a stunning view of Sakura!

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