Robotime Father's Day Buying Guide 2024

It’s time to celebrate Dads this coming Father’s Day! Do you have the perfect gift yet?

Forget the usual mugs, ties, and socks— Dad has a museum of them already! Instead, let him build a new gallery that reflects his creativity, ingenuity, patience, and smarts. Try Robotime’s incredible array of wooden puzzles and mechanical models that are amazingly intricate and stress-relieving. These are not just toys but works of art that Dad can proudly display.

Each item is unique and memorable. So show your old man how much he means to you with these meaningful gifts simply because he deserves something extra special this year.

Check out some of our most loved releases:

Robotime Father's Day Buying Guide 2024

ROKR Marble Spaceport Marble Run LGC01

ROKR Marble Spaceport Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzle LGC01 | Robotime Online

Let’s start with a great gift for Dad that’s out of this world. The Marble Spaceport is a highly entertaining puzzle from start to finish. With over 470 pieces to combine— including 6 diversion mechanisms and 5 tracks— Dad will enjoy hours of pure brain-teasing fun. Pair that with the cool silver and gray futuristic theme and he’ll be over the moon!

The Marble Spaceport is a nod to space exploration, science, and engineering. Its intricate gears and pathways showcase the mechanics of physics and kinetics in action. Once complete, this stellar Spaceport gets the steel spheres zipping and zooming like shooting stars boosted by a manual crank or its powerful 70 rpm motor.

Dad becomes the commander of this intergalactic adventure where a rocket science degree isn’t required but only patience, curiosity, and maybe a cup of coffee.

ROKR Steam Engine LKA01

ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 | Robotime Online

Time to shift gears and focus on cars as we present one of the earliest automobiles ever invented: the locomobile. Dad will recognize the Steam Engine right away as it’s a miniature of the steam-powered, self-propelled vehicle that revolutionized travel during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our version isn’t powered by coal, though, but rather a large-torque motor with a high-efficiency output. It’s strong enough to haul its 4-wheel trailer plus any load that will fit. It can also go forward and backward with different speeds at a flick of the switch.

Dad will love the additional smoke and coal fire effects that make it more realistic. He’ll also enjoy the challenge of building this fascinating model that became an icon for industrialization and innovation.

ROKR Classic Printing Press LK602

ROKR Classic Printing Press Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LK602  | Robotime Online

While we’re at inventions, why not mention the groundbreaking printing press? This invaluable contraption produced profound and far-reaching impacts on society, culture, and economy by spreading literacy and information.

ROKR’s version is a wooden press puzzle that gives a hands-on history lesson through movable-type printing. This means that Dad can piece together his own message using this functional toy. It’s a mechanical masterpiece that will make Dad forget the broadsheet for once as he cranks out his own headlines for the day. It also has a self-inking mechanism so Dad won’t ever run out of coded messages to pass on.

ROKR 3D Pinball Machine EG01

ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D Wooden Puzzle EG01 | Robotime Online

Here’s another timeless classic: the 3D Pinball Machine!

Challenge Dad to some arcade excitement and retro fun with this ingenious puzzle. It’s a jackpot in the gift category as it’ll surely take him back to an era where lights are flashing, bells are ringing, and marbles are flying in every attempt to beat that high score. This pinball machine comes completely fitted with a core rebound mechanism, a scoring display, and infrared sensor tracking. And of course, there are the unforgettable flippers, bumpers, and ramps!

He’ll need some determination on this one, though, since it’s a next-level, puzzle-building test. But once he’s survived that, he’ll find the experience highly rewarding and satisfying. Is he up for the challenge? Then let the good times roll!

ROKR AK-47 Assault Rifle Gun Toy LQ901

ROKR AK-47 Assault Rifle Toy Gun 3D Wooden Puzzle LQ901 | Robotime Online

It’s time for some action with ROKR’s realistic assault rifle. Patterned after the smooth style of the AK-47, this wooden toy gun features a detachable clip, a trigger brake for safety, bolt action loading, and high-accuracy shooting. It even has the option for single-shot or automatic mode to allow Dad to engage multiple enemies swiftly.

But don’t worry, this wooden firearm has rubber bands for bullets and won’t harm anyone. It feels like the real thing, though, with some recoil and precision aiming. You wouldn’t believe it’s a puzzle until you see the kit and realize that Dad has to build it first!

ROKR Night City Marble Run LGA01

ROKR Marble Night City Marble Run LGA01 | Robotime Online

Marble runs are so addictive that we made more than one. Consider the Night City:  it lights up the future with its neon-lit tracks, twists, turns, and thrilling dynamics. This electrifying metropolis adventure is one fine example of urban architecture, featuring a see-through orbit, a funnel-type gyratory track, and some superb tower distributors.

This site is one vibrant cityscape that’s simply dazzling in the nighttime. It’s all wooden, but special dyeing techniques allow us to create the metallic gray color that makes this futuristic hub distinctive and cutting-edge.

Ready to impress Dad to the max? The Night City can merge with the Spaceport Marble Run through a set of special connectors, resulting in one magnificent complex! Behold the power of masterful engineering.

ROKR Vitascope Movie Projector LK601

ROKR Vitascope Movie Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle LK601 | Robotime Online

Is Dad a movie lover? Then let him build his own movie projector.

That is no punchline. We actually mean he can build ROKR’s Vitascope and watch a real movie with it. This 183-piece 3D wooden puzzle is sure to be a blockbuster hit among critics and silver-screen enthusiasts alike.

The vintage-themed projector has a side access door where the film can be replaced, plus, adjustable focus and lens angle for picture clarity. There are no batteries as the light and the movie are powered by a crank.

What completes the set is a 58-frame classic Charlie Chaplin reel of a scene from the award-winning Modern Times. You can skip the clichés and the long ticket lines. Opt for a montage of happiness instead and a bucket of popcorn with the Vitascope Movie Projector.

ROKR Classic City Tram LK801

ROKR Classic City Tram 3D Wooden Puzzle LK801 | Robotime Online

Welcome aboard, all Dads, to the Urban Antique, Lisbon’s oldest and most charming Tram Number 28. Get on track with its retro look and fine craftsmanship while it gives you a first-class cruise into nostalgia. Give yourself the gift of a moving yet relaxing experience with this soothing, 374-piece 3D wooden puzzle.

This self-propelling tram is ready to roll using its high-precision gears and wind-up spring. It also has swinging doors, fine engravings, and an accurate 1:24 scale for more realism. The natural wood look gives it more character, making it obvious to anyone who sees that Dad built this masterpiece.

The Classic City Tram is another reason to derail the usual Father’s Day gifts. There is no need for fares with this one, just head on out towards an imaginative puzzle-building journey.

ROKR Monocular Telescope ST004

ROKR Monocular Telescope 3D Wooden Puzzle ST004 | Robotime Online

Ahoy there! Here’s a booty worth plundering for every worthy Dad: the ROKR Monocular Telescope. It’s an excellent gift packed with hands-on adventure and fine craftsmanship with its pirate markings on the lens cover, elegant engravings on the barrel, and leather trimmings.

It’s 314 pieces of “Yo ho ho and a bottle of awesome!”. This classic pirate telescope comes with a metal nameplate, a triple barrel lens, and an adjustable tripod. Once built, Dad can set his sights on the horizon or spy on distant shores up to 500 feet away.

Aye, there’s no more need for landlubber gifts for Dad once you pick treasures from ROKR instead. So set sail on a voyage of discovery and navigate our Father's Day topic today. There, you can have more choices and there will always be a dad that suits you!

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