Introducing ROKR New 3D Wooden Puzzle - the Classic Printing Press

Can't wait to see what the next 3D wooden puzzle from ROKR is? Then prepare yourself for a challenge and creativity like no other! ROKR Classic Printing Press is not only a 3D mechanical wooden puzzle, but also a printing press integrating letterpress printing. However, it is quite a challenge if you want to get this classic printing press. Now, let's explore it and find out its features.

What is it?

ROKR Classic Printing Press is a 3D wooden puzzle based on the classic printing press. It uses movable type printing, allowing you to freely DIY printing content.

What's in the box?

ROKR comes ready in the box with all the things you need to build the Classic Printing Press, including 6 wooden sheets with all the pre-cut pieces, along with the tools and parts needed to assemble them. There are 303 parts in all.

What are its features?

A Really Classic Printing Press

The ROKR Classic Printing Press has a movable type printing technology that simply presses the handle and the printing plate flips down to print the contents of the plate onto the paper.

Printing with Movable Type

The ROKR Classic Printing Press provides a removable, free-form rubber sheet for lettering and patterning. You can remove the rubber sheet, layout the desired letters and patterns, and then install the sheet back on the press.

Lighting Indication

The ROKR Classic Printing Press is equipped with warming lights on each side. When printing is completed, the lights on both sides illuminate to indicate the working status.

Dynamic Bear Printer

The ROKR Classic Printing Press is more than just a printing press, we have added more fun elements to it. The printing press features three hard-working bears that demonstrate different actions while printing, such as pouring ink, applying ink and carrying tools.

How to use it?

Getting your printing done with the ROKR Classic Printing Press is easy. Here's how to use it:

Prepare all the things you need

Before printing, you need to make sure that you have assembled the ROKR Classic Printing Press correctly. Then you will know a few of the main components: the ink cartridge, the printing plate, and the printing table. Before printing, you need to remove the printing plate and lay out the print content. Once the layout, install the printing plate onto the press.

Placement of printing paper

ROKR Classic Printing Press has a storage box underneath the printing table. When printing, you just need to take the printing paper from this storage box and place it on the printing table correctly.

Press the handle to finish printing

When the above steps are completed, press the handle firmly, the printing plate will slowly descend, and flip. And when the printing plate touches the printing table when each side of the light is on to complete the printing.

Why do we like it?

  • ROKR Classic Printing Press has the technology of movable type printing which allows you the freedom to DIY the printed content, which makes it possible to complete any sentence and content you want. We have prepared a large number of letters and patterns for you to use. If possible, you can also create a pattern of your own for printing.
  • Using the ROKR Classic Printing Press to create message cards, handwritten notes, and provides more fun and interesting ideas.
  • The look is exquisite and has a lot of artistic elements.
  • Easy to use: The ink box and printing plate can be easily taken out for easy replacement.

Last thought

ROKR Classic Printing Press is the latest 3D wooden mechanical puzzle from Rokr, which is inspired by classical movable type printing. It will be a challenging experience for all lovers of 3D mechanical puzzles. Trust me, it is definitely a collectible piece of work with its details, quality and complexity. Just in time for Christmas, quick shop one for yourself or as a gift for your friends.

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