3D Wooden Puzzle
3D Wooden Puzzle
  • £20-£35
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3D Wooden Puzzle

Build something stunning with your hands with ROKR 3D wooden puzzles. Each piece is a charming and functional collectable meticulously crafted by our professional design team. Our wooden puzzles cover a wide range of themes and types, including music boxes, marble runs, vehicles, and more. These puzzle kits are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic wooden materials. All pieces are precision-cut with laser technology on wooden boards. You can connect pieces firmly but without the need for glue.

With varying difficulty levels, these puzzles are suitable for players aged 14 and above, suitable both for beginners and experts. Designed with complex gear mechanisms, these puzzle models have interesting function play, offering great happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.

17 Products
17 Products
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