Build Your Own Chocolate Factory: A New member of Marble Run - ROKR Chocolate Factory LGA02

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Everyone has their own fairy tale paradise in their hearts. It could be a candy shack in the forest, or Snow White's tall castle, or Mr.Wonka's chocolate factory. Taking inspiration from the classics, Rokr combines a hardcore fun trackball with a chocolate factory to create a retro-looking, fun candy-themed tabletop marble run toy.

It's time to show a new member's coming of ROKR 3d wooden puzzle family - ROKR Marble Run Choocolate Factory LGA02.

ROKR Choocolate Factory LGA02


ROKR Chocolate Factory LGA02 is a 3D wooden puzzle for adults. The biggest feature of this new member is the ingenious integration of various tracks into the factory automation production line, using a unique lifting mechanism to make the ‘candy’ reciprocate in the track, just like a real automated factory, running forever.

It has changed the previous style. We use the retro robot factory as its shape. The cute dessert house is created with retro color which is exquisite in shape.  

We have provided you with more interesting ways of playing it. It has a combination of the vertical ascending channel, roulette transmission structure, and double descending track. The push-pull lift mechanism at the bottom of the outer wall can drive the ‘candy’ to run in the factory.

ROKR Choocolate Factory LGA02


Double declivous track

The Push-pull Hoisting mechanism adopts a principle similar to the clip-pressing mechanism. In each rotation cycle, the ball can be added from the bottom of the ball column and lifted upward, supported by the column, and dropped the ball to form a complete set of rising systems.

The flying saucer-type rotating and falling mechanism not only increases the visual effect of the transmission, but also reasonably allocates the dynamic steps of the true separation and falling of the balls, and the retained balls rotate and roll on the platform for a period of time to increase the sensory impact.

We set up a double declivous track, and the lower half of the track is equipped with semi-circular inclined ladders, curved straight ladders, and S-shaped inclined tracks, which adds more playing methods.

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ROKR Choocolate Factory LGA02

Warm light signboard

Touch the switch on the back to light up its warm light signboard, but also the robot chef, the steam machine tower, and the huge light sign on the outer wall, giving a warm visual effect.

With the integrated gear transmission design, through rotating the handle, multi-layers gears can drive the components including the lifting mechanism and the ring track to run.

Hang on a bell on the right side of the chocolate factory, and shake it gently, attracting many customers to the chocolate factory.

An accessible door behind the steam tower can be used to prevent 'candy' from getting stuck.

ROKR Choocolate Factory LGA02


Anyone who desires to build up their own factory by hand will love the Chocolate Factory LGA02. Just imagine that if your family or friends have children (or adult children) who like chocolate or chocolate production equipment, it will be a very meaningful thing to build their own factory with their own hands. LGA02 Chocolate Factory will be a great gift idea for their next birthday or holiday.

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ROKR Choocolate Factory LGA02


As a new member of Rokr puzzle family. it is ready to go. Just like a real chocolate factory, it can run non-stop as long as you give an order. So join our chocolate factory right now, and the rules here are up to you!