ROKR collection cover
ROKR collection cover

Rokr® Puzzles Official

ROKR is a sub-brand under Robotime® that focused on designing, producing and selling cool mechanical drive 3D puzzles and models. We are committed to creating fun-to-build 3D wooden puzzles with mechanical sense and industrial style, expressing creative ideas with precise structure, and interpreting geek spirit with hardcore modeling. Our mission is to explore the power and beauty of machinery with DIY lovers worldwide.

Here, we offer various kinds of exquisite 3D wooden puzzles for you, which are from easy to difficult and suitable for all ages. You could choose to DIY a music box, build a scale vehicle, or assemble your own clock! Our 3D puzzle models will be great projects to develop your hands-on ability. Are you ready to challenge yourself now? Let’s get started!

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Justice Guard


Marble Run

Music Box

Curious Discovery

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    3 days ago

     | Robotime Online
    Messy desk 📖☕️ I have been feeling super inspired lately by being surrounded by such beautiful books and bookish trinkets on my desk 🤍 what is something that makes you feel really happy and inspired? ☺️
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    Oct 10

     | Robotime Online
    大好きなマーブルラン。 レンが好きだと分かって、 Grandpa がたっくさん作ってくれたよ🍁 今では机いっぱいに…🙈🤎 #marblerun #rokr #ugears #hobby
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    Dec 30

     | Robotime Online
    @starbondadhesives to the rescue! I purchased these amazing @rokrofficial project kits in an effort to spark my kids engineering genes with a heavy dose of @marleyturned influence! The marble kits were a huge hit, but my kids were a little too aggressive with some of the tiny parts. Starbond CA glue and accelerant saved the day with quick crazy strong fixes. Thanks for Saving us Starbond!
  •  | Robotime Online


    Oct 16

     | Robotime Online
    Quand la passion de l’horlogerie s’immortalise d’un morceau de bois #passion#building #canadacomunity #canadiencommunity #time #rolife_official