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About Robotime

Building Things to Life.

Building Things to Life.

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About Robotime

Robotime, founded in 2007, a fashion culture creative company that focus on 3D puzzles, toys and wooden handicrafts. Upholding "focus on originality," we take daily life as our design inspiration and are committed to providing people around the world with the most imaginative and creative products to help them explore the infinite charm of life.

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Robotime History

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Three young peoples are conducting roundtables with Robotime's book nook kit

Robotime has now developed into 4 sub-brands: ROKR, Rolife, Robud and MewooFun. We have a large-scale factory covering an area of 200,000㎡ with over 200 diverse creative designers. Our products sell in over 140 countries and regions, applying widely to individuals, families, schools, and institutions.

We are still working hard to actively explore and share healthy, optimistic and fun ideas with people all over the world.

Mewoofun - More fun for pets!

Robotime established the fourth sub-brand Mewoofun which is a cultural fashion pet brand committed to creating more comfortable and practical home daily life products for your furry friends. Mewoofun's mission is to help people establish deeper connections with their pets and improve their pets' quality of life.

Rolife Nanci

Rolife introduced its first IP character - Nanci (with two buns, closed eyes, and a playful bubble-blowing pose while sleeping). This marked the official development of Rolife into a trend-creative brand covering DIY handicrafts, cultural creativity, and IP toys.

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Robotime established 3 sub-brands in 2017 including ROKR, Rolife, Robud.

As the Robotime team expanded, we decided to reorganize our structure for better management and business expansion. According to different product types and targeted audiences, we established 3 key brands: Rolife, ROKR, and Robud within Robotime. They will realize greater potential in their respective fields.

DIY Miniature House

Inspiration often comes from life. Our DIY miniature house series is a good example. One day, our designer Sam, while he was engrossed in reading, his cat accidentally knocked over a bookshelf, causing books to scatter all over. This amusing scene inspired him to capture that moment through miniature items. This idea gave birth to Robotime's 1st-generation DIY miniature house series. From that point forward, Robotime started its creative journey into DIY miniature kits.

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the BSCI European Business Certification and the Disney Comprehensive Management System Certification

Robotime understands the critical importance of toy safety, and we only offer products that have undergone rigorous safety testing. In the past year, we are proud to have obtained the BSCI European Business Certification and Disney Integrated Management System Certification. Furthermore, our products are primarily crafted from sustainable wood materials. We are actively committed to supporting forest sustainability by sourcing and using only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable wood. These certifications have enabled Robotime's products to gradually reach global markets.

the first wooden model - a dinosaur assembly model

Robotime reached a key milestone with the release of the first wooden model - a dinosaur assembly model. Composed of wooden pieces and electronic components, it featured functions like walking, roaring, and biting, which could be controlled through sound, lights, and remote control. It was the world's first DIY electric mechanical dinosaur capable of walking, biting, and making sounds, marking Robotime's official entry into the wooden assembly industry. In the same year, Robotime formed strategic partnerships with American company Outrageous and Swiss company Joker AG, taking significant steps towards greater internationalization.

Robotime was officially established in 2007

Andy(The founder of Robotime), was graduated from mechanical engineering with strong passion for robots. This drove him to co-found "Noah Robotics Lab" with like-minded friends. Their original vision was to develop real robots through this lab. By chance, they shifted their focus to static models, wondering if bringing models to be dynamic would make things much more interesting. This idea ignited their creativity, setting off a highly imaginative design journey since then.

Andy participated in an entrepreneurship competition held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and successfully won the first prize. This inspired his greater ambitions to develop their career even better. To achieve this, they began to actively seek investment. Through unremitting efforts, they eventually obtained their first venture capital. From that point forward, Andy has founded Robotime.

Robotime Sub-brands

  • ROKR
  • Rolife
  • Robud
  • Mewoofun
Rokr Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzles

ROKR is a leading brand in the 3D mechanical model field. Upholding "creativity first," their designs combine science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to create mechanical-driven 3D construction kits and models with precise structures and hardcore shapes.

Rokr has always been committed to providing interesting and complex building experiences for players who love exploration.

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Rolife DIY Kits

Rolife is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of daily life and takes DIY as a lifestyle, encouraging everyone to rediscover the hidden inner child, explore themselves, and spark amazing imagination by building a magical and dreamlike world of innocence. The Rolife team believes in cuteness and independence and has been expressing people's life attitudes to the world.

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Robud Wooden Toys for Kids

Robud specializes in manufacturing wooden toys for kids, with the aim of providing fun play experiences. These toys encourage kids to assemble, disassemble, create and explore, fostering their curiosity and learning abilities. Additionally, Robud emphasizes family interaction, encouraging parents and kids to participate through enjoyable play experiences to foster kids' growth. They believe that family time should be filled with laughter, education and warmth, and Robud was born to help achieve this goal.

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Mewoofun Pet Supplies

Mewoofun, rooted in a love for pet culture, is dedicated to offering beautifully practical products for pets in various settings like home, travel, play, grooming, and feeding. Upholding "More fun for pets," they leverage their own pet-raising experiences to develop products that enhance the living environment for pets, allowing both pets and their human companions to enjoy life's pleasures together.

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Robotime Philosophy

  • Pursue happiness

    Happiness comes from focusing on passion, embracing challenges, and continuously getting growth in a positive direction.
  • Insist on originality

    Originality is the bridge between the past and the future. It comes from a deep passion for exploring the unknown, constantly challenging new ideas to open up new possibilities.
  • Spark imagination

    Imagination is to spark boundless potential. We believe those who dare to dream and act are the masters of the future. Light the fire of imagination and burst out infinite vitality in creation.
  • Foster learning

    Learning leads to progress. Make learning fun and gain joy to discover new knowledge and skills in a positive and engaging environment.
  • Uphold integrity

    Integrity is the core of Robotime. Only based on integrity can we grow together and establish long-term relationships with customers, partners, and employees.
  • Prioritize quality

    Quality is a promise but also an attitude. Only uniquely valuable products with solid technology and an ever-improving spirit keep every customer assured.

Inspiring Change

  • Every Tree Counts

    For every Robotime product purchased, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the environmental conservation and restoration organization One Tree Planted for tree planting projects. Giving back to nature, let's protect our planet together.

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  • We Care and Share

    Committed to social responsibility, Robotime has provided funding and product support for communities, schools, and non-profit organizations to give back to society. Spread happiness and we are proving.

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