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Focus on Originality

Focus on Originality

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About Robotime®

Robotime®, founded in October 2007, has grown to encompass two major sub-brands, ROKR and Rolife. We have infused unique spiritual cores into "Rolife" and "ROKR," dedicated to unleashing the passion for life alongside passionate, patient, and imaginative players worldwide.

Driven by our dedication to originality, we aspire to explore the essence of joy as our brand mission. By promoting a positive, healthy, and fashionable lifestyle, we invite individuals of all ages to embark on a perpetual journey of discovery and self-expression.

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The Robotime® History

  • Now
  • 2019
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  • 2008
  • 2007
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ROKR and Rolife have been showing unique characteristics and sharing creations with global fans in their respective industries of expertise.

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The introduction of the first IP character, "Nanci," marked Rolife's official entry into the world of trendy IP toys.

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Robotime® rebooted its brand development strategy with a focus on market segmentation. It introduced two sub-brands, ROKR and Rolife, based on the product types.

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Robotime® released its first generation of the DIY miniature house series.

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Robotime® has been recognized with various certifications, including FSC international environmental certification, BSCI European certification, and Disney Integrated Management System certification.

With these credentials, Robotime® products have gradually expanded into the global market.

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After the successful release of its first wooden model, a dinosaur model assembled from wooden pieces and electronic components, Robotime® officially entered the DIY wooden toys industry. At the same time, Robotime® formed strategic partnerships with Outrageous U.S. and Joker AG Switzerland.

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During his college years, Andy(Founder of Robotime®) demonstrated a deep passion for robots. He co-founded "Noah Robotics Lab" with a group of like-minded friends.

After winning the Gold Prize in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Entrepreneurship Competition, the lab secured its first venture capital funding round, and Robotime® was officially established.

The Robotime® Sub-brand

  • ROKR
  • Rolife
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ROKR, a pioneer brand in the 3D wooden puzzle models industry, always upholds creativity above all. The ROKR team combines the beauty of mechanics with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, creating intricate structures that express creativity and hardcore designs embody geeks' spirit. They've been constantly exploring mechanics' power and unique beauty with all players worldwide.

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Rolife is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of daily life. They embrace DIY as a lifestyle, encouraging everyone to rediscover the hidden inner child, explore themselves, and spark amazing imagination by building a magical and dreamlike world of innocence. They believe in cuteness and independence and have been expressing people's attitudes towards life to the world in their ways.

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The Robotime® Concepts

  • Pursue happiness

    Happiness comes from focusing on passion, embracing challenges, and continuously getting growth in a positive direction.
  • Insist on originality

    Originality is the bridge between the past and the future. It comes from a deep passion for exploring the unknown, constantly challenging new ideas to open up new possibilities.
  • Spark imagination

    Imagination is to spark boundless potential. We believe those who dare to dream and act are the masters of the future. Light the fire of imagination and burst out infinite vitality in creation.
  • Foster learning

    Learning leads to progress. Make learning fun and gain joy to discover new knowledge and skills in a positive and engaging environment.
  • Uphold integrity

    Integrity is the core of Robotime®. Only based on integrity can we grow together and establish long-term relationships with customers, partners, and employees.
  • Prioritize quality

    Quality is a promise but also an attitude. Only uniquely valuable products with solid technology and an ever-improving spirit keep every customer assured.

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