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Fun time together. Best hobby forever.

Tired of mobile technology and video games? Want to get away from work and pressure? Robotime crafts hobby will give you the best gift for relaxing and fun. Let's build something amazing!

Why is Robotime?

ROBOTIME was founded in 2007 and has designed over 400 DIY items. It owns many sub-brands, among which Rolife and ROKR are most popular, featuring DIY miniature houses and 3D wooden puzzles. Hence it has developed a mature technology in DIY handicrafts manufacturing.

It is our purpose to encourage people to have a creative and healthy lifestyle. And that's why we are dedicated to providing unique, well-designed and innovative products and sell them all over the world. 

While building ROBOTIME crafts step by step, everyone will relax their mind and relieve pressure naturally. Let alone the strong sense of fulfillment. We are also honered when customers give credits and praise on our items. 

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