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Robotime was founded in October 2007, and after more than a decade of development, it now has four sub-brands: Rolife, Rokr, Robud, and MewooFun.

We are committed to providing innovative, creative and environmental-friendly DIY products for people worldwide with the brand purpose of "focus on originality, born different." Our mission is to tap into happiness and spread positive, healthy, global, and trendy lifestyles for people of all ages.

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From Our Customers

I got several of these sets for my 15 year old to work on during quarantine. She absolutely loves them, but they are super challenging and detailed. It took her about a week to complete this one.

Alvesians T.

This is my third model, and as with the previous model, I totally enjoyed it. There was a minor problem with the plaster chimney, but an email to support quickly got a response, and I received the replacement in short order. 

Mike W.

Excellent challenge even for my 80year old fingers. It assembled like a dream and the finished model is admired by all my family and visitors. Thank you for your design skill.

Allan C.

Bought this as a Christmas present for my husband, two days after, he was putting it together. It is in my living room and on a timer, first thing I see in the morning is this lighted globe!

Wendy M.

Great product Great idea for an anxious mind! Built this puzzle for myself but am excited to purchase more to build with my teenage boys.

Erik N. Hansen