5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Wooden Puzzles Clean & New

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We all love 3D wooden puzzles, not only for being built by us but also because they bring us more fun and wonderful memories. They tend to accumulate a lot of dust when it's been in the home for a while, which can shorten their lifespan if you don't clean them frequently. Therefore, it's time to take care of your 3D wooden puzzles that haven't been cleaned for a long time. 

ROKR 3D Wooden puzzles as decorations

Here are some tips for keeping your 3D wooden puzzle kit clean to look like a new one, which will make your 3D wooden puzzle last forever.

1. Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Before we're ready to clean up any mess on the puzzle, we must prepare some cleaning tools in advance. Because the puzzle is made from natural wood, you need to think more about it. We recommend that you prepare a dry rag, paintbrush, hair dryer, mild non-toxic cleanser, mineral oil, etc.

2. Use the Paint Brush to remove dust from the surface

The dust often adheres to the surface of 3D wooden puzzles. It is perfect to use a paintbrush. We need to wipe the surface like painting gently.

If some dust is still attached, you can use the blower wind to blow the dust off the surface further.

3. Use a cleaner to clean further the stains of the 3D wooden puzzle (optional)

This option is optional.

Most of the puzzles have dust on the surface. You need to wipe them out. But considering the environmental factor, the wooden pieces may be damp. Some dust will soak into the wood, making them no longer beautiful.

Therefore, we can buy cleaners suitable for wood. You spray the cleaner on the place to be cleaned and wipe it off with a dry towel.

4. Use natural oil or wax for polishing

As we all know, applying oil or wax to the surface of the wood can form a protective film to protect the wood from rot for a long time.

Besides, you can also apply some oil to them.

The most common oils are mineral oil and beeswax, which are used as long as they are not harmful to your health.

When using, you need to drip the oil onto a dry towel first, then wipe the 3D wooden puzzle with a dry towel.

5. Store in a suitable temperature environment

Now, you have finished cleaning the 3D wooden puzzle and successfully cleaned it like newly built puzzles. Moreover, you need to consider the water absorption of the wood and never place them in a humid environment.

We prefer to recommend that you place them in an environment away from water, such as living rooms, storage rooms, or even collection rooms.

Some Care Notes after Cleaning the 3D wooden puzzle

If you do not want to carry out another cleaning, using dust covers is the best way. The dust cover will protect them, durable, long-term to maintain the best condition.

ROKR Cruiser Motorcycle LK504 protected with dust cover
ROKR Cruiser Motorcycle LK504 protected with dust cover

Wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning it responds to changes in atmospheric humidity. Never expose wood puzzles to steam from a humidifier or vaporizer, or store them with desiccant or silica.

Keep puzzles away from direct exposure to heat sources. Exposure to heat tends to dry out the wood rapidly and may cause the puzzle to warp and shrink. It is best to keep the puzzles at a constant, moderate temperature, minimizing the number of hot and cold cycles.

We recommend a controlled indoor environment with 40% and 60% relative humidity.

Last Conclusion

The puzzles are very collectible, whether as decorations or as educational kits. If you also have some 3D wooden puzzle kits mentioned in this post, cleaning them regularly is necessary. Don't clean them until the puzzle pieces are covered in a thick layer of dust. The better way to protect them is to use a dust cover. If you intend to collect more puzzles, we recommend setting up a cabinet with a humidity control system, which may be better for displaying and protecting them.

Best wishes! We hope your puzzles keep in tip-top shape for years to come!