What Tools Should I Prepare When I First Assemble ROKR?

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As more and more people like ROKR, many who are new to ROKR or even 3D wooden puzzles for the first time will have a question, that is, what useful tools need to be prepared before starting to assemble 3D wooden puzzles to make the work more perfect? Many enthusiastic friends in our Facebook group gave their suggestions. Here I will also make a small summary. I hope it can be helpful to you who like craftsmanship.

1. Batteries, wax, and sandpaper.


This is an old problem. Due to customs policy, we cannot put the battery and wax in the package. Most of the batteries used in ROKR PUZZLE are AA batteries and button batteries, which are generally available in convenience stores. Candles can replace the wax used for lubrication.

There is a small piece of sandpaper in the package, which is enough for PUZZLE that has fewer movable structures. But for a large 3D PUZZLE with more movable structures, it is necessary to buy a large piece of sandpaper.

2. Protective equipment.


Although wood does not have sharp edges, wooden fibers and debris generated during grinding may pierce the skin, and the smell of glue may also damage our respiratory tract. Therefore, wearing gloves and masks when assembling is recommended, which can effectively protect us from injury.

3. Tweezers, glue, and files.


Are many people troubled by the fact that the parts are too small to be picked up and placed in the correct position? Will the slender parts break if you are not careful? Do you feel that the interface of some parts is too tight, and if you make it larger, it cannot be firmly fixed?

You need these three tools.

Tweezers can help you pick up small parts, and I recommend using elbow pointed-nose tweezers. This kind of tweezers can avoid damaging the wood when gripping parts, and will not obstruct your eyesight.

Glue can not only strengthen some parts, but also repair broken parts. But it should be noted that not all glue can be used on wood. Pay attention to the applicable materials and properties of the glue when buying. Because the wood board used by ROKR has no paint coating, the general water-based or oily glue will quickly penetrate into the wood board and lose its viscosity. And some glue applied to the board will cause the board to change color. Here I recommend a slightly viscous pressure-sensitive quick-drying glue.

4. Coloring tools

Spray paint
Spray paint protection

If you want to paint your favorite work with your favorite color, a handy coloring tool is essential.

The first is paint. If you want to be simple and easy to use, you can use a watercolor pen. Easy to buy and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the color is not uniform enough, the nib is thin, and the coloring process is relatively long. If you want better results, you can use oil paint. With a variety of brushes, you can evenly color small parts. In the end, the best color scheme is to use spray paint, which can also make the surface of the work appear smooth and shiny. However, this method requires certain technology and equipment; at the same time, protective measures must be taken to keep the house ventilated.

5. Patience.


Today, when the pace of life is accelerating, ROKR hopes to use design and creativity to slow down and experience the fun of assembling. It is gratifying to complete a work, and the process of completing the work is even more so.