A Trip to An Indoor Amusement Park! The 1st Station - Swing Ride EA02

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The hot summer arrives. If you want to take your kids to the amusement park, you must imagine that your kids may get sunburned or even have a heat stroke! But in this hot summer, why not take another way to experience the fun of the amusement park? Thus, ROKR's Dazzling Carnival series 3D wooden puzzle has been released. This article will introduce you to the first station - Swing Ride EA02.

Dyrehavsbakken, founded in 1583, located in Denmark, Europe, is the world's oldest amusement park. Amusement parks always bring different memories and feelings for everyone, allowing us to enjoy enthusiasm and vitality. To recreate the experience scene of the playground, ROKR puzzle combines creativity and classics to create a fantastic amusement park series with great retro aesthetics.

ROKR Swing Ride EA02 wooden 3D puzzle takes the transmission model as the basis. It refers to the classic recreation facilities in the amusement park, moving the drop tower, swing ride, and other facilities to the desktop to enjoy dazzling carnival fun in the colorful marquee with sweet notes.

About Rokr Swing Ride EA02

  1. The main color is a combination of red and white tones.
  2. The roof's interior has constant bright lights. The translucent sides can transmit warm light.
  3. Light bands surround the top. Drapery eaves are classical and atmospheric.
  4. The six-sided central pillar adopts mirror paste, just like a mysterious magic mirror, reflecting the flight romance of the park.
  5. Play beautiful music (Merry Go Round) automatically with the rotation of flying chairs, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. (Hint, it works better at night!)

Based on the existing facility of swing rides in the amusement park, its overall outlook is very realistic. Despite no vertical lift function, its rotation will be more smooth and romantic.

Just touch the button lightly. Swing Ride EA02 will start to rotate. When running, the low-noise DC reducer motor will drive the top and center core column through the cross spindle.

It is based on the prototype of the actual amusement park rotating chair, but the up and down swing function is eliminated to make the flying journey more smooth and romantic. When running, the low-noise DC gear motor connected through the cross spindle and drives the top and core column rotation in the opposite direction (you can understand that if the top is to the right, then the center column to the left, they rotate in the opposite direction), to achieve the effect of rotation of the flying chair around the core column at a constant speed.

Why do we like Rokr Swing Ride EA02?

In hot summer, if you don't have a better way to experience the exciting playground experience, you can enjoy more fun at home with ROKR 3D wooden puzzles. EA02 Swing Ride is just one of the ROKR Dazzling Carnival series, and in the future, we will also provide you with other exciting facilities in the amusement park, such as the drop tower. It's worth the wait!

And when you have collected all the ROKR Dazzling Carnival series kits, you will be the administrator of an amusement park, and they belong to you only. This exciting, fantastic carnival fun is up to you.

In addition, as a 3D wooden puzzle, in addition to the retro appearance, it can fully meet the DIY craft lovers of the fun of putting together.

We prefer to recommend it to adults to put together because it is challenging enough. The designers set the difficulty level to 4 stars. It takes about 6 hours to put together, though it only has 289 parts (here are more of our recommendations for Rokr most difficult 3D wooden puzzle).

Last Thought

Swing Ride EA02 is the first product in ROKR's Dazzling Carnival series that has been released. We are confident that DIY craft lovers will love it because we put enough effort into designing it. We hope that through the ROKR Dazzling Carnival series, we can bring more joy to our friends and enjoy the romance from the desktop amusement park. If you like it, then get it now! Meanwhile, stay tuned for the rest of the ROKR Dazzling Carnival series, which we believe will be available soon.

And, which facilities in the amusement park do you like best? You can join our ROKR Facebook group to discuss and share your favorites with others. Shortly, ROKR may satisfy your expectations to make it a 3D wooden puzzle come true.