Mechanical Orrery Wooden Puzzle: The Perfect Science & Engineering Project

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Learning can be done and delivered in so many ways. Thus, it does not need a very complex tool to discuss and implement a particular lesson such as studying the Solar System so that the learners can understand and memorize its whole order. Furthermore, if you are a parent or an educational provider, you can choose to let them solve an amazing and entertaining 3D wooden puzzle that they can decorate in their bedrooms, classrooms, study tables, or living rooms.

Solar System Steam-punk-themed puzzle

Make learning more fun, creative, and unique with this wooden puzzle kit that lets kids familiarize the topic that they are about to memorize and discuss with their class. This hands-on project defines an optimal brain-developing strategy for students, kids, and even teenagers as it comes with challenging puzzle pieces that enhance their problem-solving and analytic skills.

For teachers or workshop trainers, one of the best and most effective activities you can let your students or participants finish whether individually, by pairs, or by groups should be something that they can brainstorm, comprehend, and research. If you are about to conduct a Science or Engineering project, this STEM toy's concept is the most brilliant endeavor.


ROKR Mechanical Orrery ST001 3D Wooden Puzzle

The ROKR Mechanical Orrery ST001 3D Wooden Puzzle is an unconventional but captivating 3D model that represents the image of the solar system and planetary orbiter. This toy puzzle is primarily designed to represent a mechanical simulation of planet trajectory. What makes it different and distinct is its design. Since the solar system comes with an orbit and is situated around an axis, this solar system is depicted on several layers of clockwork gear platforms and the planets are mounted on a stick that extends from the clockwork that serves as its orbit.

Clockwork and Planets

The puzzle comes with a platform base that makes the structure completely stable and durable. The clockwork gears also rotate according to the actual movement of the planets around the sun, so this puzzle gives very informative details about the solar system phenomena. The clockwork gears also have different diameters that determine each planet's approximate distance from the sun. Kids would surely love to learn through this STEM educational toy 3D wooden puzzle because they visualize the topics in creative aspects.

Furthermore, the design of this puzzle is very timeless and classic as it has a neutral color and simple finishes. Though it may be fully embellished with dents, the framing comes with a very comprehensive structure leading to the focal point of the whole puzzle item - the sun. While the sun can be lit up, the planets are also projected in different sizes that indicate their actual size comparisons from one another.

Guess you can find or discover a new theory about the solar system through this very mind-tricking educational toy!

This piece is not only a toy and a puzzle but can also be a figurine. You can decorate your racks, cabinets, and shelves, or on table tops and cupboards. This very functional piece of an educational toy can be a memorabilia or a gift for someone who you think is deserving to have such a wonderful treasure. You can give this wonderful piece as an assembled piece or as a puzzle problem package.

The puzzle stands for as high as 40 centimeters, so it will surely be an eye-catching decorative piece at home or in the classroom. Moreover, students in the class would stare at its completely mesmerizing clockwork layers and protruding planets of the solar system.


Assembly and Challenge

Assembling this STEM toy is also an entertaining activity because the pieces have very different shapes, forms, and ends which will be confusing to match to its adjacent pieces. Hence, there may or may not be identical pieces but the puzzle package comes with a guide so it is guaranteed that you will finish it in time!

The difficulty level of this puzzle is 4 out of 4 and has 316 pieces of big and small sizes that can be fully assembled for approximately 17 hours. Click here to see the ROKR Mechanical Orrery ST001 3D Wooden Puzzle item.

Induce your kids' or students' interests to learn with this ultimately unique opportunity to see more things such as its axis rotation, planet profiles, specifications, and all other facts regarding the solar system.