Why Are Wax and Glue Not Included in Robotime Products?

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If you have purchased Rokr 3D puzzles or Rolife DIY kits from Robotime. In that case, you may have noticed that the instruction manual mentions the need to wax certain parts for smoother operation or use glue to hold them in place, but you couldn't find any wax or glue in the packaging. Why is that? Is it a deception?

No. We are well aware of the need for these auxiliary tools, which should be included in the packaging.

Keep on reading, and let us explain why these tools are missing.

Why Doesn't the Product Include Wax and Glue?

Currently, orders from Robotimeonline.com are shipped directly from our factory in China. These orders are packed in the factory, go through customs inspection, and then are shipped to the destination via airplane. They are then delivered to your door by the local carrier.

Please note that these orders require transportation by air. Glues and wax are listed as hazardous materials by airlines and are, therefore not permitted in the packaging. You can find them listed in the United Nations' dangerous goods list.

But why do locally purchased Rokr or Rolife products include wax blocks and glue?

Yes. When you purchase Robotime products from a local store, these products may have auxiliary tools. This is because these products are transported by sea. The Maritime transport allows waxes and glues to be included in the packaging.

Why don't we use sea shipping?

While sea shipping allows for the inclusion of wax and glue, it also has a very long transit time, taking approximately one month. As Robotimeonline.com is Robotime's official online store, you can learn about and purchase the latest Rokr and Rolife products for the first time in Robotime. We do have overseas warehouses, but air transportation is a better choice.

We apologize for the lack of these tools in the packaging; they are commonly available in local stores. You can easily find alternatives such as birthday candles, white candles, or lubricating oil for wax. As for pigments, we recommend using acrylic paint. For glue, you could use eco glue, wooden glue, or super glue(For more details, visit the best glue for miniature houses).