ROKR Assembly Guide Q&A (PART 1)

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Many people encounter various problems in the process of assembling our 3d wooden puzzles. When faced with an issue, do you struggle to find a solution?

Here are some common questions and suggestions.

ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Q1:What are T4 and T5 in the instructions of LK501? Why can't I find the corresponding step?

A:Sorry for the confusion. The pictures on the Page 3 just show how to use the tools. And then the steel shaft, wooden round stick, circle "2"are all not needed in the assembly steps. They just show how to use Tool 4 and Tool 5(P19).  

P19 is a thin transparent sheet of plastic.   It is a little difficult to find. You could look for it more carefully in the box and the tool package.   

Any question, feel free to contact us.   

I believe you are not supposed to actually do that step. It’s just an example of what the T5 is for. Same story for the left part of that page with T4. The T5 BTW is a tiny piece of plastic that you can barely see. It’s in the plastic bag with the other stuff.

OK, that's just a sample to show how the spacer(P19) be used,

It means 1 step you should attach the spacer(P19) to the steel shaft, the 2-step put other pieces in. then remove the spacer.

So that the piece will not fix by the yellow shaft sleeve(P1), the piece need to be turned around in general.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Q2:Why can't my LK501 work long hours?

A: This is a very common problem, and to solve it, three aspects need to be examined.

(1) Have you polished these places with enough wax? Just apply a little wax to the gears to reduce the friction.

(2) Please move the pendulum back and forth to make it parallel to the body of the clock and perpendicular to the table. Then pad the right side of the clock body 2-5 mm high. You could twist the spring to the end to try again.

(3) Firstly, you could pull the gear down with your hand and make sure there is no problem with the whole assembly. If the pendulum can swing, then the assembly is correct.(picture 1)

ROBOTIME 3D PUZZLE ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Then make sure the parts on the back of the pendulum are in the right direction, and the correct ones are indented. Be careful when checking, beware of the escape wheel (the abnormal ratchet), it might take off the fork and fly to hurt the person. (Picture 2)

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Thirdly, these places do not be too tight, leave a gap (Picture3)

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Finally, I would like to say that this is only a 3D wooden puzzle, which cannot replace the clock in daily use, because it requires longer springs and a heavier and more precise body, which means that the assembling process needs to be more precise and more dangerous. So it only runs for about two to four hours when it's full of springs, which is pretty good for a craft. If you want to own a ROKR that can be used as a real clock, you can opt for the LC601, which is a 3D wooden puzzle with a real clock movement, and it's big hah-aha. It's perfectly fine on the wall.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Zodiac Wall DIY Clock Time Engine LC601-3D Wooden Puzzle


Q3:Why is the pendulum of my LK501 oscillating abnormally?

A:Most of these problems are in the blue and red circles. (Picture 1) There is too much shaking between the pendulum and the tines.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

You can apply some glue inside the unit. (Attached pic2&3)

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears KitROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Pendulum Clock LK501 Mechanical Gears Kit

Try to ensure that the tines and pendulum are perpendicular to each other.

It doesn't matter if it's not vertical, just adjust it to horizontal again.


Q4:Part of the board twisted or separated, how to do?

A:It is normal for wood products to be deformed when they experience drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Don't worry, if it doesn't work properly, you can contact the manufacturer or store for replacement parts.


ROKR Treasure Box LK502 Mechanical Secret Locker

Q1:What is CP code of LK502? How to use it?

A:C is the password to be set. This can be seen in the range that can be set at the end of the manual. The P value needs to be installed inside!


ROKR Owl Clock LK503 Battery Mechanical Gears Kit

Q1:Does D13 need to be polished or waxed? How do I install the C20.

A:About the bell, You can lightly sand two D13s and not wax. Waxing here will easily cause the knob to slide out. If the sliding phenomenon has occurred, you can change the installation steps on page 13 according to the following diagram.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Owl Clock LK503 Battery Mechanical Gears Kit

Just install the C20 between the two D21s, which will increase the friction of the bell. You need to turn the clockwork knob one and a half turns. You can try it~

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Owl Clock LK503 Battery Mechanical Gears Kit


Q2:A15? Why can't I find it?

A:Here. And with 2 extra parts.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Owl Clock LK503 Battery Mechanical Gears Kit


ROKR Vitascope LK601 Mechanical Movie Projector Kit

Q1:What if my LK601 came loose in step 3?

A:A little glue will end the problem. Glue the small boards together, but be careful not to secure the steel shafts.


Q2: What if the projector image looks blurry?

A:It may be that the focal length does not need to be focused, or that the ambient light is too strong to be clear.

Move this part to the rightmost side to adjust the focal length.

Then turn off the room lights to make sure the environment is dark enough.

You can wipe the film off with a rag to prevent dust from your hands during installation.


Q3:There is a cover on the film. Shall I remove it? Will it affect use?

A:The cover is used to protect the film. Tear it off and use the film properly.


Q4:The film box I received is broken. How should I do? Is it still work good?

A:If the broken part is only the outside cover of the film, it would not matter.

They cover each film with a transparent film for protection.

But if the film is badly damaged, like broken, heavily rubbed, damaged. You are advised to contact us and get replacement part


ROKR DIY Crank Classic Gramophone LKB01

Q1:Why is there only noise on my LKB01 handshake.

A:1. Please try to power on first, if power on is no problem, this machine is basically no problem.

At this time, you can try to turn down the sound a little bit, or make the hand crank faster.

Generally, if the power generation is not enough, the circuit cannot break down the circuit, and there will be a "creaking" sound.     

2. The cartridge did not touch the record. Or the cartridge is broken.

(When the power is on, touch the needle under the cartridge with your hand. If the speaker does not respond, it may be that the cartridge is broken, then you can try the vertical socket on the right)


ROKR Space Rover Solar Energy SERIES

Q: Why doesn't my LS series solar motor work?

A: 1. Check if it is installed properly.

     a. The gear is not connected, this can be heard by listening to the sound. You can hear the motor rotate under the sun, but the wheel does not rotate.
     b. The gear is blocked and cannot turn completely. See if the bottom large gears are easier to move to determine if it is blocked.

2. The illuminance of 40,000lux under normal sunlight is useful, and it must be directly sunlight. Generally, if it is summer, the sunlight at 9-4 o'clock is ok. Do not pass through glass.

3. Virtual welding between solar panel and motor. If it still does not work, we will rearrange a new solar motor for you. Any question, feel free to contact us.



Q1: I want to connect four LG series Marble Run as a whole, what should I do?

A: Refer to the video


ROKR Marble Climber LG504 Fortress Marble Run Set

Q1:How many parts are required in the specification? How many P1 needs to be used?

A1: The illustration is just to tell you "Do not leave distance between them", please ignore the quantity.

Please kindly refer to the part quantity under the step. It is always accurate.

The quantities in the dashed box are inaccurate, just to tell you the distance or angle. Please remember this point.

Here is a complete assembly video:

You may refer to it for clear procedures.

There should be 2 P1s between D27 and D30. Below each step number, you could find all parts' numbers and quantities used in this step.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Marble Climber LG504 Fortress Marble Run Set


ROKR Grand Prix Car MC401 -1:16 Scale Model

Q1:There is a big board in the package. What is it for?

A1:This wooden board can be folded into a parking lot as a display stand. It is mainly used to protect the product.

You may refer to the following pictures.

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Grand Prix Car MC401 -1:16 Scale ModelROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle ROKR Grand Prix Car MC401 -1:16 Scale Model

Ok, the above is today for everyone to answer the question, whether it helps you? If there are any questions that are not listed, please continue to follow this blog, I will collect and answer them from time to time, until then, you can also post questions and discuss them in the Facebook group.