How Did You Build the First 3D Wooden Puzzle?

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The development of the 3D wooden puzzle benefits from its entertainment and education. It is easy to imagine that, nowadays, with the faster pace of life, more trivial things lead to constant pressure. By assembling 3D wooden puzzles, it can focus your attention so that you don't have time to think about anything else, thereby reducing stress. Meanwhile, it seems like a good opportunity for you to help our brains take a break.

Not only that, one of the more recent studies on jigsaw puzzles published on PMC (PubMed Central®, U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)), 3D Wooden Puzzles As Cognitive Enrichment (PACE), shows that puzzles have a significant influence on the developing brain of a child, having a positive impact on an IQ level, and developing problem-solving skills, as well as a brain of an adult, contributing to a delay in the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition, puzzles have been found to reduce stress and improve an overall mood.

If you still hesitate to buy 3D wooden puzzle, I would like to suggest that just buy it now because a saying goes as "The earlier you buy, the earlier you can enjoy it"! Therefore, Tank has prepared some options for you, especially for beginners, which can provide some references. Now, let's start it!

What is 3D wooden puzzle?

Generally, a 3D wooden puzzle is a three-dimensional model formed by some wood parts. A big feature of 3D wooden puzzles is to make the parts closely connected without using glue when assembly.

The greatest pleasure of 3D wooden puzzles is that it is challenging to build them. Each wooden puzzle is not assembled when purchased. You get a kit containing all the parts of the 3D wooden puzzle. The final appearance can only be seen after you complete the assembly. The assembly process is very challenging. We suggest novices understand its assembly difficulty before building. Moreover, each 3D wooden puzzle is different, and highly difficult 3D wooden puzzles often require more time and effort.

If you are a novice or you are building a 3D wooden puzzle for the first time, you need to know some questions in advance. This is a guide we have prepared for you.

Choose a 3D wooden puzzle that suits you

People like to challenge the difficulty, but we don't recommend you build a difficult 3D wooden puzzle at the beginning.

Here are some of our reasons:

- Generally, a 3D wooden puzzle is internal to the external assembly process. You need to assemble it step by step according to the instructions. When you don't have enough experience, you may make many mistakes that cause loss or even broken parts. This will seriously affect your assembly experience and mood.

- The number of parts in a simple 3D wooden puzzle package is usually small, so you can quickly understand the possible placement of each part. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much effort to assemble it. By assembling a simple 3D wooden puzzle, you can know whether you like a 3D wooden puzzle. And the price of a simple 3D wooden puzzle will also be lower.

You can check the assembly difficulty of ROKR puzzles through the following links.

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Apply moderate force to avoid breaking parts

This is a problem that people often encounter when assembling a 3D wooden puzzle. Because the raw material is wood, even though manufacturers have tried to solve this problem from the manufacturing process and part thickness perspective, it still exists. Therefore, no matter how anxious you are to complete a 3D wooden puzzle quickly, you should be careful.

For your safety, you must know how to replace parts before buying. Are parts replacement services available? Free delivery? How long do I have to wait if I need to replace parts? You need to know these questions in advance. It can be determined that if you buy a 3D wooden puzzle in Robotime Online Store, you can get a parts replacement service, and the transportation time is about 10 days.

3D wooden puzzle's wood part precision

A high-quality 3D wooden puzzle requires good raw materials and the precision of parts. The accuracy of parts is very important for completing the jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle may not work without glue if it is too loose. If it is too tight, it will cause inconvenience during the assembly process or even break the parts.

A piece of pre-cutting wood

Thanks to the CO2 laser-cutting machine, Robotime controls the part accuracy of the 3D puzzle within 0.05mm, so that they can be closely connected and not easily break the parts. If you want to know more about laser cutting technology, you can read this post: Laser Cutting – What Is It And What to Use It For?

Enjoy the fun from assembly

Assembling a 3D wooden puzzle is an excellent idea for interesting yourself in assembly and forgetting time. During the assembly, you may forget all your troubles to relax your body. After hard work, when you complete your first 3D wooden puzzle, you will be proud of it because you did it. It will be your first artwork, and you can place it anywhere you like. In addition, some interactive 3D wooden puzzles can unlock more interesting and fun functions. For example, ROKR Owl Clock is exquisite enough to be used as an accurate clock. ROKR Chocolate Factory is a very interesting marble run. You can turn the handle to make the metal ball run wildly on the marble. Keep turning and running, and maybe someone can play it for a whole day!