Retirement Gifts for Dad: Inspire Dad’s New Leisure Hobby

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We always looked up to our dads as great providers, especially when we witnessed how they worked hard to support the family. They have been working tirelessly for years, and sometimes, we give back to them through hugs and kisses, but they may not be enough compensation for their undying love and support to the whole family. The day will come, and they will bid their goodbyes at work because of retirement. It is a celebration since it means they will enjoy the rest of their years without worrying about going to work.

Do you already have an idea of your dad's retirement celebration? It is the perfect time to surprise him with something that he will enjoy and love. Here, we’ve collected some tips and gifts for dads to develop their interests after retirement: make your dad happy and challenged.

Understanding Dad's Interests and Lifestyle Changes

As people grow older, their lifestyle changes too, like the hobbies and the things they want to do. Some are building engagements with community activities, indulging into sports, or just staying at home trying DIY handcrafts. You have been living with your dad since your childhood, so you might as well watch him change his lifestyle throughout the years.

Does he love reading books?

Sometimes, dads prefer reading a piece of newspaper in the morning while sipping on their coffee or reading a chapter of their favorite book. It is how they wanted to start their day. Do you find your dad doing the same thing while you are having your breakfast together? It only means that reading has been part of his routine.

Does he like solving puzzles?

Did you know that adults gain dopamine whenever they get to successfully solve a puzzle? It gives them a satisfying feeling and it will suddenly change their mood. You can count on the Robotime 3D wooden puzzles if your dad is looking for a challenging and interesting puzzle-solving journey.

Does he indulge in gardening?

Gardening is also a great activity for grown-ups, especially those retirees who prefer staying in their home perimeters. You can already see if your dad loves planting if you have your own garden in your backyard that he is taking care of wholeheartedly. This activity surely relieves stress.

Does he enjoy outdoor activities and sports?

Your dad may prefer the outdoors, whether through walking or other forms of exercise. Consider packing practical items for them, such as sports gear and a handheld camera. Outdoor craft activities are also a great option, and preparing some craft kits for them ahead of time can spark their interest.

Guide to Choosing the Right Retirement Gift

The retirement day is worthy of a celebration since it proves the years of hard work. When your dad has achieved this milestone, ensure you are present and celebrate with him. Another thing that will make him happier is giving him a heartfelt gift aside from appreciating his dedication as an employee for decades. Here are some guides in choosing the right retirement gift:

Gifts for Relaxation

After long years of working hard as an employee, it’s finally time for your dad to bid his goodbye to headaches caused by stress. Give him the privilege to relax as his retirement gift through buying him some relaxation essentials, like scented candles, his favorite bath and body lotion, or a reservation for an overall body massage in a spa.

Experience Gifts

Do not let your dad stay at home, and encourage him to try some new experiences. If he has a favorite sporting event, you can book him a ticket so he could enjoy watching. Or if he loves a band or an artist who has an upcoming concert or meet and greet, make him happy with that once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will be very memorable for him.

Gifts for their Hobbies

You know his hobbies really well for sure, and it’s the perfect time to let him have an upgrade while doing it. If he likes gardening, you can buy him a set of gardening tools or seedlings that he can plant in his backyard. A good recipe book is also perfect for a retiree dad who enjoys cooking so much. And if he has a heart for arts and handcrafts, you can also consider gifts related to it.

Letters and Gift Cards

Let your heartfelt message be known by your dad through a gift card or a letter. There is nothing more special than reading an appreciation for your hard work throughout the years. Make him cry like a baby on his retirement day celebration while reading it by himself.

Picking Up A New Hobby with Robotime Building Model Kits

To spice up your retirement gift for your dad, here are some of the 3D wooden puzzles from Robotime that can capture his interest and probably make a new hobby. Check out the puzzles below!

ROKR Steam Engine LKA01

ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 | Robotime Online

Do you find your dad checking up his car engine in the garage during his free time? If yes, he might try solving the Steam Engine from ROKR. It is one of the newest introduced products, bringing out the classic mechanisms and engines used decades ago. This kit includes different wooden parts to create a steering wheel, flippable sunshade, and other features of a classic local trailer from way back. If you think of an excellent 3D wooden puzzle of vehicles, this ROKR Steam Engine has it all.

Assembly Time: 7 Hours

Pieces: 469

Difficulty Level: ★★★★★

ROKR 3D Pinball Machine EG01

ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D Wooden Puzzle EG01 | Robotime Online

Are you thinking of a fun activity you can do with your retiree dad at home? You will always go right with buying the Robotime-ROKR 3D Pinball Machine. Aside from the exciting and challenging way of solving its 482 wooden pieces with your dad, you will also enjoy the perks of the solved puzzle. It is a classic pinball game from around the '90s, and Robotime made it come back to life with its transmission mechanism, intricate designs, patterns, and sound and light effects that highlight the game with scoring points. Get your dad occupied with solving this wooden masterpiece, and have fun interacting with the whole family once it's completed.

Assembly Time: 12 Hours

Pieces: 482

Difficulty Level: ★★★★★★

ROKR Classic Printing Press LK602

ROKR Classic Printing Press Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LK602  | Robotime Online

Does your dad enjoy a morning coffee with a piece of newspaper? It's time to bring him the ROKR Classic Printing Press so he can witness the classic printing and typing before. He can also use the customizable letterpress plate and make designs and patterns on his own for his notes. There are also lighting effects; one of the best features is its self-inking ability. Get this for your dad, as he enjoys solving a printing press and enjoying the perks of its functionalities.

Assembly Time: 5 Hours

Pieces: 303

Difficulty Level: ★★★★

ROKR AK-47 Assault Rifle Toy Gun LQ901

ROKR AK-47 Assault Rifle Toy Gun LQ901

Are you looking for an authentic toy gun to give your dad a great shooting experience? You must take a look at the exquisite details of the ROKR AK-47 3D Wooden Puzzle. Start with building its intricate and precise parts with him; that assembly process will already amaze him. After creating this 3D wooden toy gun, your dad will have complete control of the bullets, firing mechanism, detachable magazine, and other switch features for high-end shooting play in the backyard with other family members and friends. This is a standard classic toy gun with guaranteed safety and no harm intended, just pure fun.

Assembly Time: 5 Hours

Pieces: 315

Difficulty Level: ★★★★

ROKR Thompson Submachine Toy Gun LQB01

ROKR Thompson Submachine Toy Gun LQB01

What about a thrilling machine gun? One of the top-notch toy guns from Robotime is the ROKR Thompson Submachine, where your dad will feel the authenticity of being in a firing scene. The paper shell bullets simultaneously eject at a speed of 5 per second, the same as the rubber band bullets.

With this feature, your dad can set up a shooting area in your backyard as his new hobby and might even collect more 3D wooden toy guns.

Assembly Time: 2 Hours

Pieces: 275

Difficulty Level: ★★★★


You have witnessed your dad's dedication to going to work every day, whatever season it is, no matter the weather, and even if they were not feeling well. They have been a great provider to the family, and they deserve appreciation and celebration on their retirement day. It embarks another milestone and journey in their life, so prepare your presents for this special occasion. As mentioned on the blog, there are different tips on how to choose the right gift.

We highly recommend that you guide your retiring or retiring dad into new hobbies to make his leisure time more enjoyable! Assembling 3D wooden puzzles truly is a great idea. Apart from the benefits to the mind, it also comes with a challenge and a satisfying feeling once the puzzle is completed. In addition, we have a like-minded group where a bunch of people who love this activity gather, and your dad isn't alone because he can connect with others and share the experience and insights of putting together a puzzle! Your dad will surely be interested in the different wooden miniatures we have, which will keep him busy during his journey after retirement.