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A large part of the joy of building DIY dollhouse miniature house kits is the chance to tell a story. A new series of DIY craft kits takes this further by adding a sense of theater. There are four models in the new Secret Garden Box Theater collection, all with their own theme and sense of style. They are the perfect decoration for imaginative children and also a great home for the Secret Garden figures.

What Are Secret Garden Box Theater DIY Dollhouses?

What makes these models special compared to other DIY miniature dollhouse kits is the old-fashioned charm of the fair. In the olden days, these boxes with their mannequins would spring to life for a few coins under a dull light. Here, the LED lamp in the top and drawer full of coins replicates that nostalgic interaction. Each box then contains the usual detailed scenes that you get in DIY dollhouse kits.

Another interesting feature here is that the size of the cabinet for the story is just right for the figures in the Secret Garden Figures series. Players can add these into the box for that effective authentic look, but also remove them for other opportunities for creative play.


Introducing Our 4 Secret Garden Box Theater Kits

1) Rolife Dark Castle DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS023

Halloween isn't the only time of year for a good spooky story. In this Night Spectre box theatre, you get the chance to craft a haunting scene worthy of Poe or Brothers Grimm. As a stand-alone build, the graveyard and twisted trees have stylistic elements to enjoy.

The story uncovers some creepy remains at the bottom of the garden in the spooky castle. They lay here, all under the watchful eyes of a black cat and ghost. The vibe of this scene makes it the perfect setting for the gothic Iron Artwork and Tulip dolls, or perhaps it was the Rose Queen that buried her secrets?

2) Rolife Bear's Sweetie DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS024

From the darkness of the castle, we now have the sweetness of this Sweet Fairy Tale box theatre. The fun pastel colors of the backdrop and table and chair are charming, as are the decorative elements around the box. The star of the original kit is the little white teddy with his bowtie - all ready to tell a tale over a cup of tea. It would be the ideal entertainment guest for any child's tea party.

The alternative is to pair this with a figure doll. There are so many that would fit the aesthetic. The Smug Gardener is sure to wander in for some tea, and both the Fountain and Stature would have some stories to tell.

3) Rolife Starry Melody DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS025

Next, we have more of a magical dreamscape with this Dreamland box theater kit. This one is soft and gentle with its lavender tones and pretty flowers. A white cat and rabbit have joined the scene to listen to a lullaby from the wooden piano. Here the light is especially effective with the moon and stars peeking out from the clouds.

With so many dreamy figure dolls in the Rolife Secret Garden collection, most figures would appreciate the scene. But, the flowers and tones match those of Breeze and Lily, and Forever Summer is sure to daydream of midsummer nights.

4) Rolife Sweet Forest DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS026

Finally, there is the adorable Mystery Flavour box theatre story, where cute woodland creatures gather to hear about a bear's incredible honey discovery. The warm evening glow of the light and tones evoke a sense of peace. The little details in the ironwork, toadstools and little package of honey are adorable too.

If you prefer, you can bring in one of the Secret Garden dolls to tell the story themselves. Corn Poppy and Lucky Clover fit the aesthetic perfectly with their tones and outfits.

Secret Garden Box Theater DIY Craft Sets Evoke Fun And Nostalgia With Ease.

The old-fashioned charm of these DIY box theater miniature house sets, coupled with the cute designs and figures, makes the Secret Garden series a unique option for creative kids. Whatever fairytale style you prefer, you will surely be engaged and delighted throughout the process.