Mechanical Gears

Mechanical Gears - ROKR Kinetic Moving Mechanism Built by Yourself.
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Vitascope LK601 - Robotime Mechanical Gears Movie Projector
Description Robotime DIY Movie Projector Mechanical Model with Film -Vitascope LK601    *Due to customs policy wax...
Pendulum Clock LK501 - Robotime Mechanical Gears
Description  Robotime Mechanical Wind-up Clock Timer Self-building Kit  -Pendulum Clock LK501    *Due to customs policy...
Locomotive LK701 - Robotime Mechanical Wooden Train
Description Robotime DIY Wooden Mechanical Train with Wind-up Spring -Locomotive LK701    *Due to customs policy, wax, glue or battery may not...
Treasure Box LK502 - Robotime Secret Locker Mechanical Gears
Description Robotime Secret Locker Box Mechanical Gears with DIY Passward - Treasure Box LK502    *Due to...
Perpetual Calendar LK201 - Robotime 3D Puzzle Mechanical Gears
Description Robotime 3D Puzzle Mechanical Gears Rotatable Calendar -Perpetual Calendar LK201    *Due to customs policy...
Air Vehicle LK702 - Robotime Mechanical Gears
Description Robotime 3D Puzzle Self-Building Kits, Kinetic Wooden Airship Models - Air Vehicle LK702  *Due to customs policy...
Tractor LK401 - Robotime Mechanical Gears Car Model
Description Robotime 3D Puzzle Mechanical Car Model Self-building Kits -Tractor LK401   *Due to customs policy...