Best Valentine's Day Gifts for The Person You Love

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There are lots of cliched Valentine's Day presents out there that are a bit hollow and short-lived. Chocolates and flowers are nice, but how about giving your loved one something they can appreciate for much longer?

Wooden puzzles and DIY craft kits are great alternative gifts because they come from the heart and turn into a treasured possession. Your beloved can have fun building the model in their free time and then enjoy the decoration or any other features it may have. Here are some of the best options.


The Best & Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Her:


1) ROKR Classic Printing Press 3D Wooden Puzzle

ROKR Classic Printing Press 3D Wooden Puzzle LK602  | Robotime Online

ROKR Classic Printing Press is a printer with movable type printing technology, which is definitely a very funny gift for those who like to take notes. It integrates traditional movable type printing technology and offers you the opportunity to DIY a wide variety of printed content, including text, patterns, etc. You can even make and print your own unique content.

This classic printer is not only a practical craft kit, but also a nostalgic, creative, and personalized gift. By using movable type, you can create unique, handmade prints that add a unique flavor to your records.


2) Rolife Sakura Densya Book Nook

What about a DIY craft kit for those who love to read? This book nook kit takes builders on a journey of discovery similar to that of the miniature house models. The difference is that this offers a narrow window into a fantasy world to sit between books on a shelf. This one is perfect for partners who love Japanese culture and literature. The scene depicts a pretty street and railway station in Tokyo and is covered in delicate blossoms. 

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3) Rolife Happy Meals Kitchen DIY Plastic Miniature House

Rolife 开心乐园餐厨房 DIY 塑料微型房子 DW008 |  加拿大机器人时代

Rolife offers your loved one a healing and cozy miniature kitchen that can be assembled in just one hour with the help of several delicate parts. This kitchenette provides a relaxing and enjoyable building experience for her to find a peaceful corner in her busy daily life.

In addition to this, the kitchenette offers the perfect interactive experience. Openable cabinet doors and a variety of lifelike props make it easy for your beloved to build a simple yet cozy and welcoming kitchenette. This DIY plastic tiny house creates a great time for her to be creative and have fun building.


4) ROKR Magic Piano Mechanical Music Box

ROKR 魔钢琴机械音乐盒 3D 木制拼图 AMK81 |  机器人在线

The ROKR Magic Piano is more than just a 3D wooden model, it's a music box with the look of a beautiful piano. It contains 223 parts will take you and your loved one 4.5 hours to complete this 3D wooden kit. Once assembled, you will have a romantic piano music box.

The Y269 Canon Variations can be played by rotating the clockwork, which makes the music box not only visually beautiful, but also a beautiful musical experience. While playing, the piano keys will simulate the process of playing, showing the keys rising and falling on their own, presenting you with an audio-visual feast as if it were a real performance. The ROKR Magic Piano is not only a handicraft, but also an opportunity to create beautiful memories together.


5) Rolife Bookstore Book Nook

Rolife 书店 DIY 书角架插入套件 TGB07 |  机器人在线

If your loved one loves to read, then the Rolife Bookstore Book Nook is the perfect gift. This is a vintage-inspired bookshelf insert that can be used not only to insert bookshelves, but also to decorate them in a sophisticated way.

Inspired by a vintage "Shakespearean bookstore" filled with books, a red sofa and a round desk, the Rolife Bookstore Book Nook brings the cozy atmosphere of a bookstore to your favorite bookshelf. The Rolife Bookstore Book Nook brings the cozy ambiance of a bookstore to your favorite bookshelf, adding a chic touch to the reading nook. This is a thoughtful gift that will create a cozy and literary reading environment for your loved ones.


6) Rowood DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet

Rowood DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet 3D Wooden Puzzle | Robotime Online

Buying a bouquet of flowers to show your deepest love for your loved one is a wonderful tradition, but now the design team at Rowood are offering a more creative alternative for Valentine's Day flower delivery. They have uniquely crafted beautiful flowers into wooden puzzles, and this particular design contains six wooden flowers that make up a very beautiful bouquet.

Beautiful and realistic in appearance, these wooden flowers are not only artistically creative, but they also have a special meaning because they can be kept for a long time. This means that your loved one can enjoy this special gift for a very long time and build more lasting memories with it.


The Best & Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him:

1) ROKR 3D Pinball Machine 3D wooden puzzle

ROKR 3D 弹球机 3D 木制拼图 EG01 |  机器人在线

Wow! The ROKR 3D Pinball Machine is a truly exciting 3D pinball machine that offers multiple ways of earning points to diversify your entertainment experience. You need to skillfully make the steel ball roll around the field to hit the point target precisely. The longer you stay in the field, the more points you earn, up to a maximum of 1,000 points!

However, before you can enjoy this exciting entertainment, it won't be easy to get this pinball machine. The ROKR 3D Pinball Machine is the most challenging 3D wooden puzzle from ROKR to date, which means that you will need to spend a lot of time to complete the assembly, which is expected to take around 12 hours. Believe me, giving this pinball machine as a Valentine's Day gift is definitely one of the most wonderful and exciting gifts he will ever receive!


2) ROKR Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box

ROKR Magic Cello Mechanical Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle AMK63 | Robotime Online

The ROKR Magic Cello is a cello-like music box that is a must-have collector's item for anyone who loves music. When it starts to play music, the suspended bow moves back and forth from side to side, as if simulating a real playing scene, just like a cello with magic.

This music box is not only an exquisite handicraft, but also a display of art. ROKR Magic Cello is a unique gift; its realistic appearance and dynamic bow movement make the music more vivid when playing, bringing a unique and fascinating audio-visual experience for music lovers.


3) ROKR Luminous Globe 3D Wooden Model

Moving onto the men in our lives, they too can appreciate a 3D puzzle for Valentine's. This one is also attractive and romantic but different. This large globe model is impressive with its vintage map across the surface and all the intricate mechanisms for the axis. It performs like a boy's toy once up and running, but there is a soft side that may evoke memories of romantic trips abroad. This vibe is enhanced through the LED for a nice soft glow to turn the globe into a nightlight.

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4) ROKR Scout Beetle Model 3D Puzzle

Last but not least, there is this extraordinary insect. This colorful bionic mechanical beetle couldn't be more different from the refined wooden clock. Builders can enjoy the building process, as they get all the precise pieces together on this engaging model. But, that's only half the fun of this boy's toy. Once connected to the power supply base, the beetle's wings can vibrate, and the lighting features to power up - letting him "scout" for the enemy. The detailed parts and steampunk aesthetic make it a great toy.

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There Are Gifts for Everyone This Valentine's Day from ROBOTIME!

Whatever interests or types of models your loved one is into, there is a kit out there. From the romantic globes and subtle music boxes to the bolder book nooks and laser-scanning beetles, the range is broad. You are sure to find a gift that will be cherished for a long time.