6 Robotime Book Nook Kits - Which One Will You Love?

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Recently, book nook kits have been popular for bookworms and miniature hobbyists. It turns bookshelves into fun, visual delights that tickle the imagination. You can match the genres of the book on that particular shelf to the theme of the book nook shelf insert—for example, a time travel book nook ties in with sci-fi books.

While you can always buy a ready-made book nook insert, it’s much more fulfilling to use something you’ve built yourself. You can even get creative and make small customizations that make it a unique piece.

To help you get started on your search for the best DIY book nook, we’ve made a short list of Robotime book nook kits and why we think you’ll love them.

Robotime Book Nook Kits Overview




Assembly Time

1. Rolife Holiday Garden House

Charming French garden house


5 Hours

2. Rolife Falling Sakura

Cherry blossoms and traditional Japanese architecture


3 Hours

3. Rolife Sakura Densya

Springtime Tokyo and cherry blossoms


6 Hours

4. Rolife Sunshine Town

Romantic European alley


4 to 6 Hours

5. Rolife Magic House

Magical alley with wizardry goods


4 Hours

6. Rolife Time Travel

European train station for time travelers


4 Hours

Robotime Book Nook Kits Extensive Review

1. Rolife Holiday Garden House Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:9.5"(24.1cm) x W:4.3"(11cm) x D:8"(20.3cm)
  • Pieces: 176
  • Assembly Time: 5 Hours
  • Theme: Charming French garden house

One of our new arrivals, the Holiday Garden House, exudes a cozy ambiance that will warm you up. The romantic arched doorway beckons you to leave your worries outside. Open the window so you can enjoy the breeze while sitting on your rocking chair. Feast your eyes on the vibrant flowers and take in their sweet scent. Finally, grab one of the books on the shelf and relax in your happy place.

This Robotime book nook will give you an immersive experience that will remind you of the simple pleasures of life.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • It’s a soothing and whimsical decorative piece with a lot of intricate artistic details to explore.
  • The mortise and tenon technique makes assembly much easier.
  • The materials used are recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • The wiring and battery box are hidden so they won’t detract from its beautiful aesthetics.

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2. Rolife Falling Sakura Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:9.8"(25cm) x W:4.3"(11cm) x D:7.5"(19cm)
  • Pieces: 240
  • Assembly Time: 3 Hours
  • Theme: Cherry blossoms and traditional Japanese architecture

The Falling Sakura Book Nook Kit will whisk you into a world of springtime romance. A charming lady is standing on a bridge, basking in the moonlight and enjoying the fragrance of the sakura. Around her, the beautiful traditional Japanese architecture and the sparkling river are aglow with the warm light of the moon. Completing the picture are cascades and petals of cherry blossoms.

It’s an aesthetic piece that will get you in the mood to read a romance.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • The cleverly placed LED lights add so much depth as if the warm moonlight is reflected on the river.
  • It’s easy to assemble, making it ideal for beginners or as a break between complicated pieces.
  • There are plenty of details to explore like the lanterns that seem to sway from the wind and the unique corrugated roofing.

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3. Rolife Sakura Densya Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:7.5"(19cm) x W:4.7"(12cm) x D:8.7"(22cm)
  • Pieces: 340
  • Assembly Time: 6 Hours
  • Theme: Springtime Tokyo and cherry blossoms

Hop in this Japanese train and take a tour of springtime Tokyo in this slightly more challenging Sakura-themed DIY book nook by Rolife. Gaze at the hypnotizing ripples in the river created by the falling blossoms. You can also turn on the lights in the bookstore to create a cozy atmosphere.

It’s a charming piece that deserves a place on your shelf for slice-of-life manga and romantic novels. Here's a review that you can see how real users experience it.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • It’s a great alternative to the Falling Sakura if you’re looking for something a bit more difficult.
  • The 3D water ripple effect combined with the lights is stunning.
  • The clever usage of the mirror at the back gives it so much depth and makes it look like there are more cherry blossoms.
  • The usage of different materials adds dimension and texture.

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4. Rolife Sunshine Town Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:7.5"(19cm) x W:3.9"(10cm) x D:9.4"(24cm)
  • Pieces: 246
  • Assembly Time: 4 to 6 Hours
  • Theme: Romantic European alley

The Sunshine Town DIY book nook will bring a dose of happiness to your bookshelf. Stroll through one of its alleys and explore the many little details of the coffee shop, bookstore, and more. The cobblestone street, the sunlight peeking through the translucent roof, and the architecture will remind you of the romantic street scenes in old movies. When you turn on the lights, dusk settles upon this European alley, giving it just a hint of mystery.

It’s a more flexible decorative piece that will suit many book genres depending on where your imagination takes you. For more detail, visit this review from a real user.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • There are so many wonderful details, each one with a story waiting to be told.
  • The sense of accomplishment when you successfully assemble it is strong in this one because of the many delicate and tiny parts.
  • Just like with the Sakura Densya, the usage of the mirror makes it look like it goes on forever.

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5. Rolife Magic House Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:7.1"(18cm) x W:4.3"(11cm) x D:9.4"(24cm)
  • Pieces: 216
  • Assembly Time: 4 Hours
  • Theme: Magical alley with wizardry goods

This Magic House Robotime book nook is a must-have for Harry Potter and magic fans. Just tap a brick on the wall and it will open up to let you enter a magical world. It’s reminiscent of Diagon Alley where wizards come to buy all things witchy - from flying brooms, spell-casting wands, and intelligent familiars. Though this isn’t Hogwarts, there’s a wicked-looking tree at the back that will remind you of the violent Whomping Willow.

It’s the ultimate decorative piece that will complete your magic-centered shelf.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • There’s a stunning stained glass window that looks even more gorgeous with the lights on.
  • There are plenty of interesting nooks and crannies waiting to be explored.
  • You’re free to paint some of the parts like the trees and the birds or leave them as they are.

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6. Rolife Time Travel Book Nook

  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Assembled Size: H:7.2"(18.4cm) x W:3.9"(9.8cm) x D:9.8"(25cm)
  • Pieces: 258
  • Assembly Time: 4 Hours
  • Theme: European train station for time travelers

The Time Travel DIY book nook has a steam-powered engine waiting to take you to a different time and space. There’s a welcoming European-style arched doorway and a little red bench where you can wait for the next train. Look up and you’ll see the impressive round antique clock. Meanwhile, the translucent blue roof allows natural light in. With a push of a button, warm lights will wash over this rustic train station.

It’s the perfect book nook shelf insert for sci-fi novels.

What You’ll Love About It:

  • The black and red coloring and the intricate details of the train beautifully replicate a real steam engine train.
  • The mirror at the back gives an illusion of a longer train.
  • The antique clock looks amazing, especially with the lights on.

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Final Words

There you have it - 6 Robotime-Rolife book nook kits with different themes to choose from! These all come with detailed instructions with illustrations, plenty of spare parts, and all the tools you might need to assemble it. However, due to customs policy, glue, paint, and batteries may not be included. If you need help with the assembly, just drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help ASAP.