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Wooden Mechanical Gear Models

Robotime wooden mechanical gear models are 3D wooden puzzle kits with mechanical components that transmit rotation and power from one shaft to another. With precise laser-cutting, exquisite details, and unique designs, all our mechanical gear 3D wooden puzzles will give you an immersive building and crafting experience by challenging your brains and hands. Let's find a new world of creativity and pleasure!

43 Products
43 Products
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Buy the Best Wooden Mechanical Models Online

Since the European industrial revolution in the 18th century, gear transmission has become increasingly widespread. We are surprised at the great innovation of gear transmission. Based on this, Robotime's sub-brand ROKR provides you with various mechanical gear models with unique styles and exquisite designs.

Our raw materials are all high-grade 100% natural plywood, and C02 laser-cutting technology is used to control the error within 0.05mm to ensure gears run smoothly. Besides, this results in high-quality laser-cutting pieces which can be easy to assemble together and dramatically reduce applying excessive force or gluing during assembly.

Assemble Mechanical Gears 3D Wooden Puzzles to Challenge Yourself

Each ROKR mechanical gear model kit is 3D wooden puzzle. The assembly of mechanical models requires spatial, tactile and motor skills.

This process is particularly beneficial to people because it can improve creative thinking, promote critical thinking, and cultivate problem-solving and reasoning abilities when people imagine.

Decorate Your Room with Our Wooden Mechanical Gear Model

Our model is not only a mechanical gear puzzle but also can allow you to enjoy the ultimate fun of assembly. Once completed, they are more like a piece of art, which can be used as decorations and placed in any position. We provide you with mechanical gear models with various themes, including the best-selling Luminous Globe model, beautiful Owl Clock, creative Treasure Box, and cool Cruiser Motorcycle model, etc. Now, decorate your room with them!